Costolo Claims Twitter is Highly Effective for Advertisers

At the All Things Digital D9 conference Wednesday, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo shared a number of facts about Twitter’s growth and performance as an advertising platform.  Here are some highlights, captured by Peter Kafka for All Things D:

Twitter’s growth continues to be cross-platform and cross-channel:

  • The site gets 13 billion API requests daily.
  • The site processes 1 billion tweets every six days (the first billion took three years).
  • Mobile use rose 150% since January.
  • The majority of use is not on the Web site. We’re seeing dramatic growth in Twitter for iPhone, Blackberry, Android.
  • In many countries, SMS is crucial. In Haiti, 95 percent of use is SMS.

Twitter claims huge success as an advertising platform:

  • Twitter currently supports about 600 advertisers, up from 150 at the end of 2010.
  • Over 80 percent of advertisers renew.
  • Volvo’s ad had a “50% engagement rate”
  • A RadioShack promotion ran for one day on Twitter. In the next three days, in-store exchanges and purchases were up double-digits from the day before the ad ran. And the ad didn’t run anywhere else

Costolo also denied that the company was breaking trust with developers, saying that the company has announced its own photo sharing service to “remove friction” from the photo-sharing experience.

Watch videos & read Kafka’s full summary here.