Entertainment Weekly Sticker Unlocked 60,000 Times on GetGlue.com

Digital “check ins” have spread from location-based platforms to entertainment social networks, in which users check into TV shows or other forms of entertainment. According to a report in minOnline, GetGlue.com has a million users who are checking into movies, TV shows, books and music.

In March, GetGlue.com partnered with Entertainment Weekly to award EW-branded stickers when they checked in any items on that week’s EW Must List of editor’s picks.  According to EW.com director of business operations Seth Silverstein, the brand’s “Must List” sticker has been unlocked over 60,000 times, with a total estimated impression count well into the millions.

EW.com has signed on for a new program with GetGlue:  users earn stickers for choosing one of EW editor’s 15 picks for summer films to see. The new program includes incentives such as the chance to win one of ten daily free movie tickets awarded this month and next.  Also new is a sponsor integration with HTC. The hardware maker will appear in Entertainment Weekly magazine, on the EW.com site, on sticker award pages at Getglue and even as peel-away logos on some of the advanced stickers awarded to check-ins.