Your #RLTM NY Blog Posts

Last Updated: July 6, 2011.

People are posting some great stories and coverage of the June 6 #RLTM Realtime NY Conference.  We are collecting them in this blog post as we find them, and will keep updating this post as we find more.

Summaries and General Observations from #RLTM NY:

Keynote, Workshops and Tools:

Case Studies:

Panel Discussions

  • The Conversation With Cathy Brooks Episode #21, recorded on June 7, 2011.  Cathy Brooks continues the conversation about CSR and Social Media that she began in the panel she moderated at #RLTM NY with Fenton’s Susan McPherson.  The CSR discussion begins at approximately 34:30 minutes.
  • Listen Up! Turning Conversations Into Business Opportunities by Maria Perez for ProfNet, posted June 9, 2011, recaps the #RLTM NY Listening Panel panel with Gatorade’s Randall Brown, Kellogg’s Jeff Cole, Citibank’s Frank Eliason, PR Newswire’s Victoria Harres, and moderator Stephen Rappaport of the Advertising Research Foundation.
  • Wrapping Your Organization Around Social Media: Mitch Wagner recaps the #RLTM NY Listening Panel for The CMO Site.  Posted June 14, 2011.
  • Right Time, Right Place:_Getting Customers to Check In by Maria Perez for ProfNet, posted June 14, 2011, recaps the #RLTM NY Geolocation Panel with Foursquare’s Siobhan Quinn, The Corcoran Group’s Mathew Schadboldt, RadioShack’s Adrian Parker and moderator Mike Schneider.