Social Networking via Mobile Grows 46% Year-Over-Year

Mobile phones are still on the rise in the US, and mobile users are steadily consuming more and more media content.  Social networking showed the greatest increase (46%) year-over-year among all mobile content categories, according to recent data from comScore.  As of March 2011, nearly 64 million users are accessing social networks via mobile.

They are also doing so more frequently than before; the number of users who accessed social media sites via mobile “almost daily” increased over 70% year-over-year, showing the highest growth of any user category, as reported by Marketing Profs.

Other mobile content categories that saw significant growth:

  • news rose 38% year-over-year
  • search was up 32%
  • personal email rose 31%
  • professional email rose 25%

Are users accessing social media more via PC or mobile?  This depends on the platform – Facebook users spent 269 minutes (on average) on the site via mobile, vs. 347 minutes via PC.  Twitter users favored mobile, spending 42 minutes (on average) on the site via mobile, vs. only 22 minutes via PC.

Download the full comScore presentation here.