Foursquare: From 500,000 To 10 Million Users in 15 Months

Yesterday, Foursquare announced on its blog that it had exceeded 10 million users, along with additional data in an infographic, which included the top 3 chains in the U.S. measured by the number of Foursquare check-ins.

The winners, divided by category:

  • Apparel – Old Navy, H&M, Victoria’s Secret
  • Retail – Target, Walmart, Macy’s
  • Financial – Bank of America, Chase, Wells Fargo
  • Home Furnishing – Home Depot, IKEA, Lowe’s
  • Convenience – 7-Eleven, Circle K, Wawa

Still young – only 2 years old – Foursquare has seen rapid expansion, from 500,000 users 15 months ago to an impressive 10 million today, as reported by ClickZ.  It will be interesting to see if smaller businesses begin to embrace the platform more as user numbers continue to grow – according to the infographic, there have been 4.7 million check-ins on Main St. across the U.S.

One last fun Foursquare fact: more than 78,000 mayorships change hands every day.  Did you check in today?

View the full infographic here.