36% of Dads Online Download Music, Games With Their Kids

Recent data from Ipsos OTX MediaCT compared the online purchasing habits of parents that spend time online with their children.  As it turns out, dads are significantly more likely than moms to purchase music, games and movies online with their children (ages 12 and under).

Based on a February 2011 study of parents who had been online with their kids in the past week, the results clearly indicate dads as the more frequent buyers of online fun:

  • 36% of fathers had downloaded paid-for music in the past year, vs. 28% of moms
  • 36% of dads paid to download games, compared to 25% of moms
  • 73% of dads who owned a console or handheld device played video games with their children for 1 or more hours each week, vs. only 38% of moms

Male parents are also online with their kids for more hours each week (4.5) than moms are (2.9).

Are companies targeting dads in their messaging for kid-related online purchases, and online games for younger children? According to eMarketer, ‘advertising has not kept pace with their [male parents] involvement.’