6% of US Web Traffic Comes From Non-Computer Devices

Recent data from comScore measured the sources of web traffic in 13 countries, with computers (not surprisingly) well in the lead – they account for at least 93% of web traffic among these countries. The U.S. had the most traffic coming from non-computer devices (including mobile phones, tablets, etc) with 6.2%,  and was followed very closely by Singapore (5.9%), then the U.K. (5.3%), Japan (4.6%), and Australia (4.3%).

The non-computer device of choice varied among the countries surveyed, with U.S. showing the highest amount of web traffic from mobile phones (4.2%) and Singapore showing the highest traffic from tablets (1.6%).  The iPhone accounted for 50% or more of non-computer device web traffic in both Australia and Singapore.

comScore reports that “One of the most rapidly emerging digital traffic trends occurring across many countries is the impact of the Apple iPad and other tablets.” Some iPad stats:

  • the iPad contributes more than 89% of tablet traffic across all 13 countries
  • the iPad accounts for 33.5% of non-computer device traffic in Canada
  • Brazil has the second highest non-computer device share of traffic coming from the iPad at 31.8%
  • the iPad accounts for 26.2% of non-computer device traffic in Singapore (a significant market, since non-computer devices comprise nearly 6% of total traffic there)

According to comScore, this data provides “the world’s first glimpse into the share of traffic coming from various devices by device type and connection type.”

See the full press release here.