Eventbrite Case Study at #RLTM NY [Best of the Backchannel]

Eventbrite's Tamara Mendelsohn at #RLTM NY 11

Part 3 of our summary of tweets from #RLTM NY 11 Realtime Conference attendees.  These tweets summarize the Case Study titled “Show Me the Money (Part 1): The Value of Being Liked,” presented by Tamara Mendelsohn, Director of Marketing, Eventbrite.


@Corcoran_Group Listening to @tmendelson from Eventbrite on ‘The value of being liked” at #RLTM”

@MarissaMcN Eventbrite’s @tmendelsohn is talking about surfing – this girl from Montauk loves it! social media is ‘one hell of a wave’ #RLTM

@RealtimeReport How can we drive business value from the giant wave of social media? @tmendelsohn at #RLTM

@nwjerseyliz Surprised that Eventbrite wanted to focus on organic search traffic as I’ve always gone there through a direct link from an event page #rltm

@RealtimeReport Eventbrite’s ticket sales soared after integrating with Facebook @tmendelsohn at #RLTM

@SocialFlow Name change: Real-Times Square? RT @gilgul: Love seeing a massive hashtag so close to times sq. Hello #RLTM  http://t.co/UmB0M8X

@JennyMack Really enjoying @tmendelsohn’s talk on Eventbrite’s results after incorporating streamlined social sharing. #RLTM

@RealtimeReport social media facilitates a natural behavior – people WANT to share @tmendelsohn showing us the money at #RLTM

@lilGronberg Heard this excellent point earlier. In social media land, cos must remember consumers think of them as one entity, not a set of silos. #rltm

@Corcoran_Group “The importance of facilitating discovery” I’ll be talking more about this idea in the 11am location panel re: @foursquare #RLTM”

@Du4 @tmendelsohn’s talk on how Eventbrite blew up via social media integration is PACKED w/ empirical data. GREAT case study. #RLTM

@brightmatrix #RLTM @tmendelsohn – More value in sharing after purchasing tickets for events vs. beforehand. More impetus for users to share.

@PublicSocial On average when 1 person shares an Eventbrite event on Facebook it yields $2.52 in ticket sales #RLTM #IWNY via @tmendelsohn

@OurManinSH Eventbrite gets it! 20% more ticket sales as a result of post purchase shareout by an individual on a social media profile. #RLTM #IWNY

@SocialFlow How #RLTM drives #socialcommerce: When one person shares an Eventbrite event on Facebook, it yields an average of $2.52 in ticket sales.

@nwjerseyliz #RLTM Eventbrite: People most likely to share ticketing information for networking events, business events and conferences.

@nwjerseyliz #RLTM Eventbrite: But sharing that leads to sales generated most often involves music events/concerts, fundraisers and food & wine events.

@brightmatrix #RLTM EventBrite presentation really drives home the value behind careful consideration & implementation of social tracking.

@SarmiChirps @tmendelsohn Evenbrite makes avg $2.52 per share on FB, .43 on twitter #rltm

@MrShri Have interacted with @eventbrite support.. these guys rock at listening #RLTM

@TheRealCherylM Average event attendee’s potential reach is 16,900 friends @Tmendelsohn #RLTM #eventbrite

@rachellevi really enjoyed @tmendelsohn’s talk on EventBrite – looking forward to hearing @shivsingh speak next! #rltm

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