Realtime Listening Panel at #RLTM NY 11 [Best of the Backchannel]

Hey, #RLTM NY 11 Attendees: Are You Listening or Tweeting (or Both)?

Part 2 of our summary of tweets from #RLTM NY 11 Realtime Conference attendees.  These tweets summarize our morning panel, “Listen Up! Turning Conversations into Business Opportunities,” with panelists Randall Brown, Gatorade’s Director of Digital Engagement, Jeff Cole, Kellogg’s Senior Manager Global Social Media Operations, Frank Eliason, Citibank’s SVP of Social Media, and Victoria Harres, PR Newswire’s Director Audience Development.  The panel was moderated by Stephen D. Rappaport, Knowledge Solutions Director, ARF.

@TheRealCherylM Only 17% of companies that are listening actually do anything with the information they find #RLTM

@rdublife From @Randallb3 get the insights from social media as close to he business as possible #rltm

@TheRealCherylM Most organizations are only listening for that PR nightmare. #RLTM

@adriandparker Funny. At #RLTM session on listening and 80% of the room is working/Tweeting. #Guilty

@khaughwout I’m yet to see a moderator who can tame @frankeliason. It’s his panel, the rest of us are just the audience… #RLTM

@Corcoran_Group Haha! #busted RT @adriandparker: Funny. At #RLTM session on listening and 80% of the room is working/Tweeting. #Guilty

@AjitJaokar #rltm @RealtimeReport – customer service and not PR should manage social media since PR looks for PR disaters(mostly)

@OurManinSH Challenge is sharing information across orgs — It comes back to Silo Breaking.. can it be done successfully? #RLTM re: Listen Up! panel

@OurManinSH Loving Jeff Cole’s comment — He’s neutral like the swiss re: operations dept #RLTM Listen Up! panel.

@PublicSocial Gatorade put social listening at the centre of their digital activity #IWNY #RLTM

@gilgul Love seeing a massive hashtag so close to times sq. Hello #RLTM

@Du4 @frankeliason just ROCKS. Companies should look to this guy as their model for social media directors when they hire. #RLTM

@kewald Best advise so far today : don’t hire people that claim to be experts – Go for p.w. Passion, and teach the rest. #rltm

@khaughwout Companies are poor at listening. 90% say they’re listening, but only 17% are acting on it. @frankeliason #RLTM

@CropRemarks What you look for in a social media employee, not experience. Its about passion, you can’t teach passion   #RLTM

@brightmatrix #RLTM Fantastic to hear @frankeliasion say he hires for passion vs. SM “expertise” & is willing to defend those who shake the tree. Bravo.

@Du4 RT @jlumski Interesting that the panel is about listening but everyone is on their laptop tweeting #rltm // Digital natives can do BOTH. ;)

@PublicSocial Gatorade report straight to R&D on their social media insights #RLTM #IWNY

@rdublife From @FrankEliason \social media is breaking down walls around the world\” companies are no different. #RLTM”

@OpenInvo “there is always some element of truth in the lunatic fringe” – @victoriaharres #RLTM

@brightmatrix #RLTM Here again, we hear the same key message: it always starts with business objectives. Social flails about without them.

@MattyOSHEA @RandallB3 from Gatorade talking a lot of sense at #RLTM #IWNY

@cdn #RLTM Conference is sponsored by #Foursquare? Happily checking in with the competitio @ B.B. King Blues Club & Grill

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