PepsiCo Case Study from #RLTM NY 11 [Best of the Backchannel]

Part 4 of our summary of tweets from #RLTM NY 11 Realtime Conference attendees.  These tweets summarize the Case Study titled “The Future of the Realtime Brand,” presented by Shiv Singh, Head of Digital, PepsiCo Beverages.

@SarmiChirps Advice to youth of Egypt, use vinegar or onion in your scarf for teargas – FB share shared by @shivsingh at #rltm

@OurManinSH strategy, design, studio, design — communications journey traveled within minutes.. #whatashiftincommunication #RLTM via @shivsingh

@CarissaO Lady GaGa fan or not, you can’t help but appreciate @shivsingh’s energy for his realtime dream. #RLTM

@brightmatrix #RLTM Excellent point from @shivsingh – have staff on hand that can quickly turn real-time content into “social currency”

@CarissaO .@shivsingh’s Real-Time Network = realtime (RT) insights+RT response+RT content studio+RT co-creation+RT distribution+RT engagement #RLTM

@cdn PepsiCo’s @shivsingh: Thanks to socialmedia, cocreation, crowdsourcing… we can move from strategy to execution in matter of minutes! #RLTM

@rachellevi advice from @shivsingh – not enough to just look at the world through the lens of people, have to look through pop culture #rltm

@OurManinSH We are underestimating geographical information – regardless of lbs platform via @shivsingh #RLTM #IWNY

@neilglassman Says @shivsingh: Looks for growing trends to see if can leverage – nice, but better is to drive trends #justsaying #RLTM

@SBoSM from @shivsingh at #RLTM: it’s about tapping into the trends that capture the world, not just buying into the demographics

@neilglassman Says @shivsingh: Marry the reatime with the timeless – Nice! #RLTM

@RealtimeReport Unite realtime with the timeless to really break ground via @shivsingh at #RLTM

@BeverlyMacy RT @shivsingh: Finalizing my deck for the Real-Time Marketing Conference. I’m staking my career on those concepts. More tomorrow #RLTM

@TheRealCherylM On moving from strategy to execution: “Think in seconds instead of months.” #RLTM @shivsingh

@PublicSocial @ShivSingh from PepsiCo sharing some great learnings – real success comes when you bring real time and timeless together #RLTM #IWNY

@TheRealCherylM @shivsingh #RLTM: How big companies can play like a little social media company 1. Hire brand journalist to report live

@aiweltman “Devote at least half of your budget to real-time marketing” PepsiCo’s @shivsingh #rltm

@critiques4geeks Just chatted w/ @RealtimeReport conf head @tonia_ries and noticed she’s coordinated her nails for the occasion #RLTM