Hamptons Real Estate Market Goes Realtime With AR App from Brown Harris Stevens

New York’s Hamptons real estate market is one of the most lucrative in the country–and extremely competitive.  One high-end brokerage, Brown Harris Stevens, is taking the game to a new level by introducing one of the first Augmented Reality (AR) applications for the real estate market.

The application, which works on iPhones and Android phones, uses the phone’s GPS, compass and camera to identify the user’s location and then uses the Layar AR browser to overlays information about the property you’re looking at, or about nearby properties that are on the market.

Wondering if that celebrity’s house is for sale, and how much?  Now you can find out–in realtime.

And, in case you’re already on the beach, the agency is helpfully running a full page ad in the The East Hampton Star, the local “newspaper of record since 1885 ,”  to remind you to shop for your own vacation mansion while sitting in Hamptons traffic.


For those of you in the US, enjoy the long weekend–and don’t forget to get some real downtime!