Location-Based Marketing Panel at #RLTM NY 11 [Best of the Backchannel]

Panel discussion on location-based marketing at #RLTM NY 11. Mike Schneider, Siobhan Quinn, Adrian Parker and Matthew Shadbolt.

Part 5 of our summary of the #RLTM NY 11 Realtime Conference, based on the best tweets sent by attendees during the conference on June 6.  The tweets in this post summarize the panel titled “Right Time, Right Place: Getting Customers to Check In,” with RadioShack Social Media Director Adrian D. Parker, Foursquare Product Manager Siobhan Quinn, The Corcoran Group’s Director of Internet Product & Marketing Matthew Shadbolt.  The discussion was moderated by Allen & Gerritsen’s Senior Vice President, Digital Incubator Michael Schneider.

@neilglassman Says @siobhanquinn: @FourSquare experiments tying specials w/ other customer loyalty activites – hooray for integration #RLTM

@TheRealCherylM New specials from @foursquare : swarm special, friend special, frequency special…looking forward to seeing how this shapes behavior #RLTM

@RyanDerous We use Foursquare as a proximity tool, to rediscover Radioshack – @adriandparker #RLTM

@Du4 I think people underestimate the consumer data @Foursquare churns through. If you’re brick & mortar, don’t ignore it. #RLTM

@tmiale Wow… Foursquare users average 3.5x more spend per transactions than non users at RadioShack @adrianparker #RLTM

@rachellevi “you have to be sensitive to the experience you’re interrupting” – @siobhanquinn on location-based campaigns #rltm

@neilglassman Says @adrianparker: Progress over perfection during test & learn process – not always easy to get internal buy=ins #RLTM

@TheRealCherylM 7% of the population uses location-based check-ins @adriandparker #RLTM

@sportsgirlkat Hearing from @RadioShack reminds me of my dad, who used to lovingly drag me there while he bought cables for his audio equip. #RLTM

@emergist Radio Shack has high awareness, is using @foursquare to drive consideration and purchase (@andriandparker at #RLTM)

@TheRealCherylM “Manufactured serendipity” – enabling users to unlock secret tidbits. @SchneiderMike #RLTM

@brightmatrix #RLTM “Discovering the city through our eyes” – using location-based services as almost an alternate version of reality you discover

@AmyVernon RadioShack has used FourSquare for proximity sales/awareness. Knows journey to new wireless device is about 2 weeks. #rltm

@SocialFlow Interesting to hear how both @Corcoran and @Radioshack use location based svcs to “be present” w/consumer thru purchase process. #RLTM

@MrShri @AmyVernon I love how @RadioShack has used @foursquare.. forward thinking. @andriandparker #rltm

@brightmatrix #RLTM Delighted to see @foursquare thinking about ways to automate check-ins & specials for less burden on users & store staff.

@brightmatrix #RLTM It’s a great way to build customer loyalty to embed location-based check-ins & specials with transactions & store/brand cards.

@khaughwout @schneidermike was right to point out the excellent @pocketsq worn by @adrianparker at #RLTM

@rachellevi: “when people check in to your venue, it’s kind of like voting with your feet” – @siobhanquinn #rltm

@brightmatrix #RLTM Key point in this panel: paid & traditional media remain key to promoting existence of new media channels.

@tmiale Great panel… Always good to hear people realize that there needs to be a combination of paid, earned and owned media to be effective.  #rltm


@AmyVernon: Quote of the day:  “Go out there and manufacture some serendipity!” via @SchneiderMike  #rltm

@nwjerseyliz #RLTM Best location panel I’ve seen. Very practical, insightful comments. Wish wi-fi had been working so I could’ve Tweeted about it.

Editor’s note: We were having wifi issues at BB King’s, and we apologize for the frustration this caused for our attendees.  So sorry, @nwjerseyliz!  And: we’re super impressed with how many of you kept trying & were still able to generate enough traffic to get out a terrific backchannel summary of the content.  Thanks for hanging in there!