93% of Mobile App Downloaders Will Pay For Games

New data from Nielsen reveals that games are the most popular category for mobile content (both apps and paid content). A whopping 93% of those who downloaded apps in the last 30 days are willing to pay for games, while only 76% are willing to pay for news.

Out of those who had downloaded an app in the last 30 days, 64% used a gaming app in the last 30 days, the highest of any category.  Sixty percent had used weather apps in the last 30 days, and 56% had used a social networking app.

The Nielsen study also found that gamers on the iOS platform spend almost twice as much time playing than the average mobile gamer.  Those using iPhones play an average of 14.7 hours each month, nearly double the mobile average overall of 7.8 hours per month.  Those with Android smartphones play an average of 9.3 hours per month.

Has your brand started to “gamify” content to attract users and increase engagement?

Data is based on mobile research Nielsen conducts yearly, covering some 300,000 mobile users in the U.S. Twice per year, Nielsen surveys 4,000 consumers who have download apps in the past 30 days.