Mobile Ad Click-Through Rate Twice As High for iPhone, iPad Users

A study by MediaMind shows that mobile ads served to iPhones and iPads deliver a higher click-through rate than those on other mobile operating systems, including Google’s Android. Ads on iOS mobile platforms outperformed ads served to Google Android phones by more than 2.5 times, as reported by Marketing Profs.

A comparison of click-through rate (CTR) for mobile ads on each operating system:

  • 0.37% average for Apple iPhones
  • 0.14% for Android
  • 0.07% for Blackberry

Other highlights from the study:

  • overall mobile ad performance reaches its peak during the evening hours, particularly 7pm to midnight, peaking at 8pm with 1.15% CTR
  • mobile maintains a higher CTR than PC browser-based banners at any time of the day
  • mobile ads outperform standard display banners for PCs, achieving 0.61% CTR on average, compared with 0.07% for display banners via PC

MediaMind reviewed more than 230 million mobile impressions from 4Q10 to 1Q11 for this study, titled “Tiny Screen, Huge Results: Maximizing Mobile Advertising Performance.