CSR and Social Media: How to Do the Right Thing #RLTM NY Panel [Best of the Backchannel]

Part 8 of our summary of the June 6 #RLTM NY 11 Realtime Conference, based on the best tweets sent by attendees during the event. These tweets capture ideas from the panel titled “CSR and Social Media: The Business Case for Taking a Stand,” with Fenton Senior Vice President Susan McPherson, Yahoo! Director, Business & Human Rights Program Ebele Okobi-Harris, and moderated by Other Than That Founder Cathy Brooks.  Special thanks also to Hardee’s Public Relations and Social Media Manager Jenna Petroff, a member of the #RLTM NY audience who agreed to join the panel for an impromptu discussion of her company’s response during the Joplin tornados.

Hardee's Jenna Petroff, Moderator Cathy Brooks, Yahoo!'s Ebele Okobi-Harris and Fenton's Susan McPherson talk CSR and Social Media at #RLTM NY on June 6, 2011.

@nwjerseyliz: #RLTM CSR & Social Media with @CathyBrooks, Ebele Okobi-Harris (@YahooBHRP) and Susan McPherson (@susanmcp1)

@AmyVernon: You’ve created a platform, not necessarily for human rights, but how do you operate your biz respectful of their rights? @YahooBHRP #rltm

@AmyVernon: Every country censors the Internet – @YahooBHRP – countries around the world are becoming more & more int in controlling the internet #rltm

@AmyVernon: How do you balance international human rights concerns with local law & what customers want? @YahooBHRP #rltm

@AmyVernon: See a fundamental shift toward companies trying to do the right thing – @susanmcp1 #rltm

@AmyVernon: In large part, that’s because of the transparency necessary today – everyone sees/shares what you do. @susanmcp1 #rltm

@AmyVernon: Support things in line with your mission – i.e., 7-11 using Big Gulp to support Diabetes Fndtn – what were they thinking? @CathyBrooks #rltmHow


@TheRealCherylM: Step 1 in CSR – make sure your social initiative aligns logically with your brand. #RLTM @susanmcp1

@AmyVernon: What happens when real-time news happens – businesses need to be nimble – @CathyBrooks #rltm

@AnneWeiskopf: Great SHOES alert on stage!!  #RLTM

@AmyVernon: Carl’s Jr. parent company had a lot of stores in tornado-ravaged states. #rltm

@AmyVernon: Headquarters is in St. Louis, 2 hours away from Joplin, one of the hardest-hit. Employees missing/affected as well. #rltm

@AmyVernon: Best message ever sent out was that all employees were OK and accounted for after tornadoes. #rltm

@cdn: Social Media & #CSR – ensure alignment of your brand, social initiative, and communications! Thanks @CathyBrooks @susanmcp1 et al #RLTM

@JennaPet: Just made an impromptu panel appearance at #RLTM