How to Curate Content for Thought Leadership #RLTM NY Workshop [Best of the Backchannel]


Part 7 of our summary of the June 6 #RLTM NY 11 Realtime Conference, based on the best tweets sent by attendees during the event. These tweets are from the workshop “How to Curate Content on Twitter for Thought Leadership,” which was led by Blogbrevity‘s Idea Designer & Digital Consultant Angela Dunn (@blogbrevity).

@brightmatrix: #RLTM Attending the content curation session. Been doing this myself on a personal level. What tools do you use to curate? I use Tumblr.

@Du4: Checking out the thought leadership workshop at #RLTM. Interesting perspective on digital identity & influence.

@brightmatrix: #RLTM Don’t just position yourself as a subject matter expert – bring in your point of view alongside your expertise.

@Du4: Glad to see Slideshare and Scribd mentioned as great sources of content for thought leadership. Search often. #RLTM

@Du4: “A thought leader sees patterns where others do not.” Best lesson of the day. #RLTM

@brightmatrix: #RLTM Automatic retweets: I only use them from the mobile version of Twitter & only when the statement stands great on its own.

@brightmatrix: #RLTM Curation session – for blogs, have a good, keyword-rich bio, post with SEO-ready headlines, comment on other well-respected blogs.

@cdn: Why would you follow someone (back) if you don’t know who they are, what they do? – @blogbrevity talking personal branding on Twitter #RLTM

@brightmatrix: #RLTM Curation session: Adding others (& consequently getting added) to Twitter lists factor into influence metrics.

@brightmatrix:  #RLTM @blogbrevity “Twitter has reduced the six degrees of separate to one. You can talk [directly] to anyone.”

For additional background information, we recommend Angela’s popular post, “Content Curation for Twitter: How To Be a “Thought Leader DJ”,” on her Blogbrevity site.  Angela’s #ideachat series of Twitter chats are also worth exploring for additional material related to this topic.