McDonalds Case Study from #RLTM NY 11 [Best of the Backchannel]

Part 10 of our summary of tweets from #RLTM NY 11 Realtime Conference attendees. These tweets summarize the Case Study titled “McTrends: Starting Buzz and Managing Rumors” presented by Rick Wion, Director of Social Media at McDonald’s. Check out more of our Best of the Backannel posts here.

Stormtroopers at McDonald's

@AmyVernon: Case study: Rick Wion (@rdublife), director of social media @McDonalds  #rltm

@AmyVernon: .@rdublife Loves Star Wars, Lego, Chicago Cubs & craft beer. Also has a really cute kid. ;-)  #rltm

@dabblehq: convincing resume :) RT @AmyVernon @rdublife Loves Star Wars, Lego, Chicago Cubs & craft beer. Also has a really cute kid. ;-) #rltm

@AmyVernon: Little boy, Evan, was collecting Marvel superhero toys at @McDonalds; got wrong toy & mom tweeted. #rltm

@Du4: McDonald’s social media guy has a pretty great preso. Feel bad for the kid who didn’t get his Marvel superhero Happy Meal toy. #RLTM

@AmyVernon: .@McDonalds – has a Twitter team. Sent her a “you tweeted. we listened.” card with the missing toy. @rdublife  #rltm

@brightmatrix: #RLTM Classy: McDonalds includes a handwritten note in cards they send to customers who comment or complain on Twitter.

@rachellevi: to get a handwritten note from a big brand, people get excited about that – @rdublife #rltm

@AmyVernon: Evan’s mom, @allthingsfadra has a mommy blog, wrote a post lauding @McDonalds & she now defends company on Twitter. #rltm

@AmyVernon: Other than the tweet and sending the toy, @McDonalds has had no relationship w/her, but by doing it right, she has become an advocate #rltm

@AmyVernon: .@McDonalds has 135K followers, active since Sept. 2009. 100K+ mentions/week & 3K @ replies/week #rltm

@TheRealCherylM: McDonald’s does Twitter right: 135,000 followers in less than a year. #rltm @rdublife

@TheRealCherylM: Use promoted trends to kickstart conversations around new products. @rdublife #rltm #mcdonalds

@MrShri: @TheRealCherylM @rdublife unfortunately not all marketers have access t promoted trends #rltm #mcdonalds

@TheRealCherylM: Good to know: Twitter trends have a shelf life of a few hours…never more than a day. #rltm @rdublife

@AmyVernon: .@McDonalds deflected the #McLobster negative chatter by saying the company was coming out with the #McWinning sandwich instead. #rltm

@AmyVernon: Within 2 weeks, there were more than 15K retweets of McWinning & 20M+ impressions. v @rdublife #rltm

@jlumski: A lobster roll is a beautiful thing #rltm

@TheRealCherylM: Mitigate damage to your brand by keeping a sense of humor, staying proactive, and leveraging trends to shift the conversation. #RLTM…

@critiques4geeks: If your customers laughing/teasing brand, laughing along with them can help, as per McWinning tweet story #RLTM


@AllenJerkens: #RLTM Find your voice. Evolve your voice. Have thick skin. Move quickly, forget quickly. via @rdublife

@rachellevi: Ronald McDonald is the “Chief Happiness Officer” – love it #rltm

@AmyVernon: Ronald McDonald is never used in advertising eating fries or burgers; @McDonalds is “very conscious” of his affect on children. #rltm

@critiques4geeks: Rick Wion at #RLTM talking @mcdonalds contests/campaigns and celebrity re: brand engagement/visibility

@rachellevi: great presentation by @rdublife on social media and @McDonalds, thanks! #rltm

@bethebutterfly: .@mcDonalds was a rockin case study here at #RLTM today!!  #MCWINNING! :)