How The NHL Uses Passionate Fans to Grow Its Audience – #RLTM NY Case Study [Best of the Backchannel]

Part 12 of our summary of tweets from #RLTM NY 11 Realtime Conference attendees. These tweets summarize the Case Study titled “Hashtag Battles And Other Realtime Plays That Score” with Michael DiLorenzo, The NHL’s Senior Director of Social Media Marketing and Strategy.

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@AmyVernon: Now: Michael DiLorenzo of @NHLdilo – Hashtag Battles and Other Realtime Plays that Score #rltm

@OurManinSH: Gotta love the good ol Hockey game — @nhldilo and Hashtag throwdowns!!! :) #RLTM #IWNY #Iamcanadian

@JohnBattaglino: Big surprise, @sportsgirlkat is pretty excited about the next speaker – Mike DiLorenzo @NHLdilo  #RLTM

@AmyVernon: NHL uses social as an audience development device, syndicating the League’s “voice” across popular platforms. @NHLdilo #rltm

@AmyVernon: Social teams run across the breadth of the corporation, various departments. @NHLdilo #rltm

@AmyVernon: NHL is on the list of 100 most social brands around the globe. @NHLdilo – 255 of NHL players come from Europe. #rltm

@OurManinSH: Challenges in the social media culture across lines of business via @nhldilo and the hashtag battles at #RLTM re:messenging acorss platforms

@rachellevi: 25% of NHL players come from Europe #rltm #thingsididntknow

@nwjerseyliz: #RLTM Interesting to hear NHL representative talking…it’s not the highest trending sport but it does have passionate fans.

@AmyVernon: Going forward: need to have more mobile integration. @NHLdilo #rltm

@AmyVernon: Need to do more in community management – @NHLdilo – nighttime is high-traffic time for FB shares & retweets; esp Saturday night. #rltm

@AmyVernon: The @NHL has a social media department of 2 people. 600K followers. Try to communicate with everyone they can. #rltm

@AmyVernon: Don’t be afraid to tweet links multiple times/day – multiply your click-throughs – some will unfollow, but more will click – @NHLdilo #rltm

@RealtimeReport: Business opportunties for NHL for next 6-12 months: getting social sign-on, so fans can tweet links to stories, share them to facebook #RLTM

@AllenJerkens: #RLTM Most engaged referral traffic comes from Facebook and Twitter. via @nhldilo

@RealtimeReport: Working on social-mobile integration also a priority for NHL, according to @NHLdilo at #RLTM

@sportsgirlkat: The NHL wants to focus on earned media – getting fans to share their content. #RLTM

@sportsgirlkat: Next for the @NHL is better integrating Facebook/Twitter sharing on, & getting more resources (people) for SM #SportsBiz #RLTM

@sportsgirlkat: Listening to @NHLdilo talk about the @NHL’s social media program! Great stats fueled overview and tons of insights for us hockey fans! #RLTM

@tmiale: Great talk by @nhldilo at #RLTM . I resisted the urge to yell out “Let’s go Islanders”… Probably a good move in a venue 10 blocks from MSG