FOX’s Family Guy Is Most Social TV Show

SocialGuide, a startup that measures social interaction around TV programming, lists the top “Social 100” for July.  According to their social rating system, FOX’s Family Guy was the top show overall, NICK’s SpongeBob SquarePants came in second, and VH1′s Basketball Wives ranked third overall, rounding out the most social TV shows for July.

Other social TV stats from July:

  • FOX was the most social network
  • VH1′s Basketball Wives was the top primetime show, and had the most social single episode of any show in July
  • MLB’s Tampa Bay Rays vs. New York Yankees was the most social sporting event
  • ESPN‘s coverage of the Home Run Derby came in as second most social – this event featured live tweeting by players for the first time

SocialGuide’s measurement came from over 10.5 million social TV comments by more than 2.6 million uniques for over 4,150 unique programs, as reported by LostRemote. SocialGuide defines social TV comments as “a comment made by a Social TV Watcher expressly about a TV program during its airtime that is publicly available via the Twitter and Facebook API.”