35% of LinkedIn Users Check The Site Daily

Now the No.2 ranked social networking site – as of June 2011 – LinkedIn‘s profession-focused audience is highly engaged, according to new research from Lab42.  Based on a survey of LinkedIn users in July 2011, the data reveals that 32% of users check the site several times a week, and more than a third – 35% – check the site daily.

More Than One Third Of LinkedIn Users Access Site Daily_via Lab42 study
LinkedIn Stats via Lab42 Study

Profiles are key for professional networking, and 42% of users update them regularly.  LinkedIn groups are also popular, with 81% of users belonging to at least one group. Of those, the majority – 52% – participate in group discussions.

When asked why they use the site, the responses of LinkedIn’s professional audience varied based on position:

  • top level executives use the site mostly for industry networking (22%) and promoting their businesses (20%)
  • middle management professionals use LinkedIn more to keep in touch (24%) with others, and for industry networking (20%)
  • entry level employees use the site mainly for job searching (24%) and co-worker networking (23%)

How are users interacting with brands and advertisements on LinkedIn?

  • 82% of users are aware there are ads on LinkedIn
  • 20% of users often click on these ads
  • 40% rarely click on ads on LinkedIn
  • 40% never do so

An impressive 90% of users think the site is useful, for reasons including:

  • “It helps me to connect to individuals in my industry as possible clients.”
  • “It is more professional than Facebook.”
  • “It allows me to hire people that I wouldn’t regularly meet.”

According to eMarketer, advertising on LinkedIn can be targeted based on education, location, job level and more. Companies can also engage in unpaid marketing on LinkedIn via groups (used by the vast majority of users) or questions and answers on the site.  Is your company advertising on LinkedIn, and what demographic are you targeting there?

Lab42’s survey was was conducted online via social networks from July 1 to July 5, 2011 among 500 social media users who are members of LinkedIn.