Social Sampling: the @PretzelCrisps Case Study from #RLTM NY [Best of the Backchannel]

Part 16 of our posts with the best tweets from #RLTM NY 11 Realtime Conference attendees. These tweets summarize the Case Study titled “Show Me the Money (Part 2): Realtime Coupons, Bottom-line Conversions,” presented by Jason Harty, Director of Field & Interactive Marketing, Pretzel Crisps.

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Social sampling graphic: from online to offline engagement

@OurManinSH: Now on stage: @jasonharty and talking about social samples on twitter re: @PretzelCrisps #RLTM #IWNY

#RLTM attendees love Pretzel Crisps:

@AmandaMcCormick: Let me just say right now @pretzelcrisps are amazing. @jasonharty #RLTM

@MrShri: +99 RT @AmandaMcCormick: Let me just say right now @pretzelcrisps are amazing. @jasonharty #RLTM

Social coupons create a social community:

@OurManinSH: Old school $1 off coupon driving awareness from online to offline – Viral message passed on via coupon bloggers. Fan growth & Community #RLTM

@RealtimeReport: Pretzel Crisps’ @jasonharty : Gains made through coupon initiatives on Facebook “really rocked my world.”  Doubled fan #s in 36 hrs! #RLTM

@CropRemarks: @jasonharty’s sharing the story of the Pretzel Crisps Coupon Phenomenon: “they came for the coupon, they stayed for the community” #RLTM #mmm

Social sampling creates online-to-offline product engagement–for all fans:

@nwjerseyliz: #RLTM Soooo….if I talk about Pretzel Crisps the pretzel party bus will come by my house with bags of pretzels? cc: @jasonharty

@Du4: LOVE @PretzelCrisps’ online-to-offline engagement strategy. Frickin’ BRILLS. #RLTM

@brightmatrix: #RLTM Nice to see a company that doesn’t care about the # of followers you have (or your Klout score, too, I’m sure) when engaging.

@MrShri: @brightmatrix companies should engage with one & all #RLTM

@brightmatrix: @mrshri Very true, but I keep hearing about companies reading influence scores when engaging or responding & it bothers me. #RLTM

@brightmatrix: @mrshri Agreed. I think influence overall is still a nascent & evolving metric. Research & context remain critical. #RLTM

Social Sampling: Pretzel Crisps delivered to the Zendesk office (and tweeted by @Zendesk)

@Zendesk: .@pretzelcrisps found @Zendesk via Twitter and this was the result: They did not send the vodka :) #rltm

@JennyMack: .@JoselinMane Spotted — you’re in the @PretzelCrisps preso at #RLTM — photo of @451Heat team having a pretzel party. Nom!

@Du4: @PretzelCrisps = DOING IT RIGHT. Reaching out to virally grown community regardless of performance metrics (like follower numbers). #RLTM

@AmandaMcCormick: Good question: how many @pretzelcrisps would you pay for a fan? #RLTM

@neilglassman: Says @jasonharty: “Social sampling” used to create bridge from social connection to real world community #RLTM

@tonia_ries: I love that brands like @pretzelcrisps are focused on earned impressions, not follower numbers #rltm

Earned impressions: did we already mention that #RLTM tweeters are fans of Pretzel Crisps?

@AnneWeiskopf: @vanillabean45:  @jasonharty of Pretzel Crisps is on the stage at #RLTM NY.  He says Nutella is AWESOME on them!

@sportsgirlkat: Hearing about “social sampling” of @pretzelcrisps from @jasonharty. I was one of them back in February. Now a regular customer.  #RLTM

@CraigSeman: @jasonharty will you bring me some Pretzel Crisps for my party, London U.K #rltm

… and we all congratulate Jason Harty on his new marriage & hope he had a great honeymoon!

@bethebutterfly: Congrats to the @pretzelcrisps guy @jasonharty who is getting married this weekend! Woot! #RLTM

@OurManinSH: Hey @deltaassist — @jasonharty needs a honeymoon upgrade — #RLTM #IWNY..he’ll send you @PretzelCrisps

@adriandparker: @DeltaAssist Upgrade my dude @JasonHarty for his honeymoon and he’ll bring his own pretzels. #RLTM @PretzelCrisps

@yoda: You need the force, not marriage. Hrrrmmm. #RLTM

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