Facebook Campaign: Levi’s Will ‘Go Forth’ for Water.org

Levi_s Facebook Marketing Campaign for Water.orgLevi’s “Go Forth” campaign is teaming up with Facebook, and hoping to encourage the brand’s over 6 million Facebook fans to support Water.org, a nonprofit that supplies clean water to populations in developing countries.

This part of the campaign was announced exclusively on Levi’s Facebook page this week, as reported by The New York Times. The campaign – combining social media marketing with corporate philanthropy – was born out of “the insight that young people today want to make a positive change in the world,” according to Rebecca Van Dyck, Levi’s chief marketing officer.  It will include:

  • a one-minute Levi’s commercial directed by Ralf Schmerberg (making its debut on Facebook), which viewers can share and comment on
  • a Levi’s sponsored story – this appears in the newsfeed and the upper right corner of one’s Facebook page
  • if users engage with the sponsored story, their friends can also see this activity, and will hopefully engage as well
  • an ad users can click on to pledge support for Water.org
  • once 100,000 people have clicked on the ad, Levi’s will make a donation to the nonprofit to “bring clean water to up to 8,000 people – for life”
  • Levi’s Facebook page also has a video explaining Water.org’s mission, with co-founder Matt Damon

Parts of the campaign will also be shown on television, in movie theaters, in print and in Levi’s stores worldwide.

Levi_s Facebook CampaignThe Facebook campaign tells users “It’s this pioneering spirit that makes positive change possible. It’s why we support pioneers and invite you to join us in helping them create a better world.”  With Water.org as the first nonprofit, Levi’s will introduce four more ‘pioneers’ over the next two months.

Will Levi’s Facebook users be inspired by Levi’s “Change Starts With You” message?  And more importantly, will they share that message with their Facebook friends?