CNET Has Increased its Facebook and Twitter Audience 6x — by Focusing on the Basics

CNET has built its Facebook audience 6x in the last year with promotions like this one.One year ago, CNET hired Nathan Bransford  as social media manager to revitalize the brand’s social media efforts.  The result of his one-man endeavor?  A 6X increase in audience on Twitter and Facebook. CNET increased its Facebook likes from 69,000 to 428,000 (up 520%), while its Twitter followers grew from 24,000 to 105,000 (a 338% gain).

Bransford spoke recently at SES/Connected Marketing Week, and explained how he produced the dramatic jumps on the social sites, as reported by ClickZ.  He said there is no social media magic bullet that will lead to success.  Nor does it require money or a big advertising campaign. “What’s important is being consistently good, and consistently giving people things that they want,” he said.

Bransford attributes his success to focusing on these simple and basic rules of engagement:

  • Make sure to include Facebook Like and Twitter Follow buttons in the site toolbar. Make them available on every page.
  • Optimize the size and look of the buttons.
  • Measure results and fix what isn’t working.
  • Don’t over-message.  Bransford posts four to six times a day on Facebook and sends 10 to 20 tweets times. More than that will cause people to tune out and quit following you.
  • Use tools to schedule posts and maintain an even flow.
  • Track links and traffic — for your own activities and for your competitors’.

Bransford says organic growth can work by itself.  Let us know if you agree!