1 in 5 Smartphone Owners Use Mobile Coupons

One in Ten Mobile Users Redeem Coupons via eMarketerRecent data from eMarketer measures current and projected growth of mobile coupon use in the US.  Mobile coupon users will nearly double between now and 2013, and use will rise even more dramatically among smartphone owners.

Nearly 20 million US adults will redeem a mobile coupon this year, or 9.5% of adult mobile phone users, according to an eMarketer estimate.  By 2013, the number of adults redeeming coupons will rise to 35.6 million, or 16.5% of all US adult mobile phone users that year. Mobile coupons include coupons or codes received via texts, apps and mobile web browsers, QR codes, and group buying coupons purchased via mobile.

One in Five Smartphone Users Redeem Coupons via eMarketerNot surprisingly, the use of mobile coupons is higher among smartphone users. This year, nearly one in five smartphone owners 18 and older will use a mobile coupon, showing growth of 117.6% since last year. By 2013, almost one-third of adult smartphone users will be redeeming mobile coupons, or 31% of smartphone owners.

These are fairly impressive growth rates – could they become even higher if mobile payment systems (NFC, etc) begin to take off?