Social Media Campaign: Get Zombified By Mike’s Hard Lemonade

Mike's Hard Lemonade Social Media 'Zombie' CampaignHalloween is just around the corner, and Mike’s Hard Lemonade is taking advantage by launching the “Keep the Party Screaming” campaign to promote the brand for year-round use.  The campaign features a Facebook application where users have the ability to  “zombify” themselves and share the results.

Here’s how it works:

  • a mobile QR code within “Monster Mansion” displays (in stores) will point shoppers to the Facebook app
  • the Facebook app is also promoted via online ads
  • Mike’s main Facebook application links to the Zombifier, where consumers can transform their standard Facebook photos into ‘macabre portraits’ by manipulating their pictures with ‘blood, gore and ghoulish facial details’

What can consumers do with their ‘zombified’ images?

  • share with friends
  • post on Facebook feeds and galleries
  • put their photos in a gallery on the Mike’s Hard Lemonade Facebook site (over 281,000 fans) —  which will feature a new (randomly selected) zombified photo every day until Halloween

The results (hopefully):

  • friend ‘A’ sees friend ‘B’ engaging with Mike’s on Facebook
  • friend ‘A’ thinks zombification is cool (and maybe zombifies himself) and buys some Mike’s on the way to a party

Rich Lent, CEO and founder of AgencyNet – the ad agency behind the campaign – told MediaPost: “On Facebook, we’ve really been able to create the appropriate social environment for people to engage with Mike’s. It’s a powerful platform for creating natural occasions for the brand year-round.”

According to MediaPost, this recent campaign follows on the heels of a successful summertime campaign – “Hard Sports” – which gained great results by promoting Mike’s Hard Lemonade as the drink of choice for alternative sports (aka dodgeball).  That campaign featured an online video contest for “personal tales of sports glory’ which led to a 60% gain in Mike’s Facebook fans.  The winners from the contest will see their videos appear in Mike’s online ads this fall.