Social Networking Stats: Asia Pacific Has Highest Visitation, Europe Shows Greatest Engagement

Social Networking Visitation and Engagement via comScoreA recent report from comScore measured social networking visitation and engagement around the world, by region.  Asia Pacific saw the largest percent of worldwide visitors to social networking sites and Europe had the highest engagement.

The results for global visitation to social networking sites:

  • Asia Pacific – with the largest online audience of the 5 global regions – topped the list with 32.5%
  • Europe had 30.1%
  • North America 18.1%
  • Latin America 10.2%
  • Middle East – Africa¬† 9.1%

The results for engagement showed some interesting variations:

  • Europe moved to the top of the list, with 38.1% of minutes spent on social networks
  • North America had 21.4% of minutes
  • Asia Pacific accounted for only 16.5%
  • Latin America had 12.8%
  • Middle East -Africa garnered 11.2% of minutes