42% of Smartphone/Tablet Users Have Used Mobile Coupons

Mobile coupons have been used by 42% of smartphone / tablet users67% of mobile users agree that location-based coupons  are “very convenient and useful” according to a recent survey of 348 smartphone and tablet users conducted by Prosper Mobile Insights, 42% of whom have used their smartphone or tablet as a coupon–scanning a bar code from your screen, showing a text message or promo code to a cashier, etc.  That’s in spite of the fact that 45% of respondents agreed that they were “concerned about security issues and my location being tracked.”

About half of smartphone (51%) users prefer to receive their coupons via email.  About one-third want to either manually search for them (32%), scan a QR code when inside a store (32%), receive them via text or instant message (31%).  One-fourth (26%) want to get them automatically when they are near a store.

The majority of respondents use their smartphones or tablets for some type of shopping behavior.  Most conduct research: 76% browse or look for a product or service, 73% use their device to locate a store or store hours. 49% research specific products and 46% read customer reviews on their smartphone or tablet.  40% have made a purchase directly on a mobile device and 36% have scanned a QR code.

What’s Your 20?

Respondents regularly or occasionally use their smartphones and tablets

  • at work (89%)
  • at outdoor activities (87%)
  • at nightclubs (77%)
  • in the bathroom (75%)
  • while eating a family meal (72%)
  • in a nice restaurant (71%)
  • on a date (67%)
  • at a movie theater (45%)
  • in church (33%)

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Have you used mobile coupons?  Do you feel the trade-off between privacy and value is worth it — and will continue to increase use of these coupons?

(And is anyone here brave enough to admit they’ve used their tablet or smartphone in the bathroom?)