Moms on Social Networks: 87% Use Facebook

US Mom Facebook Users via eMarketerNew data from eMarketer examines the statistics for US moms – women with children under 18 in the household – on Facebook and other social networks for the next three years.  Over two-thirds of all US moms – approximately 23 million – are on Facebook in 2011, meaning they use the site at least once a month.  This is significantly higher than the 57% of general internet users who are on Facebook monthly.

69% of US mom internet users use Facebook.  Out of US moms that use social networks, 87% of them are on Facebook.  This year, moms make up 18% of all US social network users and 17% of Facebook users.

For social networking sites in general, 79% of moms use a social network at least monthly, compared to only 64% of internet users overall.

Moms on Facebook have become such a phenomenon that even Saturday Night Live has come up with a “D**n it, My Mom Is On Facebook!” filter for older teens/college age kids.

Is your brand reaching the mommy demographic on Facebook?