44% of Adult Millennials Use Facebook During Work Hours

Facebook Usage Beats TV During Work Hours - eMarketerA recent study by Magid Generational Strategies breaks down the use of media by generation and time of day.  The data reveals that for those ages 15-46, Facebook is more popular than TV from 9 to 5, based on the time spent with each type of media.

The study categorized generations in the following age groups: iGen (ages 12 and under), teen millennials (ages 13-17), adult millennials (ages 18-29), generation X (30-46), and baby boomers (47-65).  Facebook came in ahead of TV for time spent during work hours with all age groups except for iGens, who spent equal time with Facebook and TV, and baby boomers, who preferred TV over Facebook at all hours (though 26% did use Facebook during worktime).

The major daytime Facebook users are millennials: 30% of teen millennials use Facebook during school/work hours (24% watch TV), and 44% of adult millennials use Facebook during that same 9 to 5 time period (only 28% watch TV).

Facebook Usage Beats TV During Work Hours, TV Wins In Evening - eMarketerHowever, once home from school or work, the evening hours are dominated by TV.  The majority (54%) of boomers are watching TV between 5 and 8pm (21% on Facebook), and over two-thirds (70%) watch TV between 8 and 11pm (just 23% on Facebook).  Adult millennials are almost even between TV (43%) and Facebook (39%) from 5-8pm, as are teen millennials (44% TV, 42% Facebook).  The majority of iGens (59%) are also watching TV at that time, with a still significant 41% on Facebook.

“For marketers interested in testing social media ads, daytime is prime for engaging a large swath of Facebook users, particularly millennial users,” according to eMarketer.  After work, TV is still the best bet, but users are still spending a significant amount of time on Facebook during the evening hours.

Click here to see an infographic of the study results by AdAge.