Twitter Brand Pages: How the First 20 Brands Are Using Them (Full Gallery)

Yesterday Twitter announced and began rolling out a major redesign (which we like a lot).  Along with the redesign, it also introduced brand pages.  From the marketing people with whom I interact, I’ve heard one of two reactions:

1. ACK!  Yet another platform for me to have to manage a brand page!!  I can’t keep up!!!!

Relax.  While the company has not revealed much detail about the pages, they have launched on 21 different brand’s Twitter accounts.  If your brand is already using Twitter to engage customers and promote its content, it looks like this isn’t going to mean more than a redesign to take advantage of the brand pages’ new look and feel.  Then just keep doing what you’re already doing.

2. Hmmm… interesting.  What are the possiblities?

To answer this question, we took a look at the brand pages of each of the 21 launch partners.  According to Mashable, these are American Express, Best Buy, Bing, Chevrolet, Coca-Cola, Dell, Disney, General Electric, Hewlett-Packard, Intel, JetBlue, Kia, McDonald’s, Nike, PepsiCo, Staples, Verizon Wireless, NYSE Euronext, Heineken, Subway and Paramount Pictures.  We did not find a brand page for Nike, so we’re basing this post on the 20 that did launch.

Here’s what brand pages get:  from a design standpoint, there’s a prominent header, with a leaderboard-like graphical bar underneath the “masthead” area that can be completely customized.  If you run a Promoted Tweet, that tweet will appear at the top of the brand page, right under the header area.  If the Promoted Tweet includes a video or other embeddable media, it will be open when the user first opens the page.

Of the 20 brand pages we reviewed, the majority focus on campaigns designed to engage the user.  Six of them use the new design for branding or product promotions, and five are pushing deals and special offers, especially around the holidays.

Here’s a complete rundown on how the first 20 brands to use brand pages have chosen to use them, with images of each brand page below the chart.

Let us know what you think — which brand does the best job of leveraging the new design?

Brand Twitter name Design Focus of Promoted Tweet, if applicable
American Express @americanexpress simple branding design video: holiday deals tied to its Foursquare integration
Best Buy @BestBuy promoting holiday pricing video: holiday deals
Bing @bing holiday branding message tweet offering 1-month Hulu Plus subscription
Chevrolet @chevrolet branding message focused on the Chevy100 campaign tweet focused on the Chevy100 campaign & asking users to engage
Coca-Cola @CocaCola branding design, including links for its Facebook, YouTube and Flickr pages tweet promoting the #secret campaign
Dell  @Dell branding, photos of Dell Twitter team video: new Twitter profile design
Disney @Disney branding
General Electric @GE focus on driving users to web site video: user engagement campaign
HP @HP #myHP engagement campaign photo: #myHP engagement campaign
Heineken @Heineken future campaign teaser photo: design #yourfuturebottle campaign
Intel @intel branding, links to Facebook and other sites video: unboxing an Ultrabook
JetBlue @JetBlue branding video: JetBlue CEO
Kia @Kia branding/products; links to Facebook, YouTube, and web site
McDonald’s @mcdonalds branding tweet: user engagement
NYSE Euronext @NYSE_Euronext branding video: hot new tech companies
Paramount Pictures @ParamountPics banner promoting new film video: interview with director of new film
PepsiCo @pepsi branding tweet promoting a Twitter chat #pepsitheflow
Staples @staples promotion: Tech-a-Day giveaway video: Staples mobile app
Subway @subway product promotion video: product promotion
Verizon Wireless @VerizonWireless holiday deals photo: holiday deals offer


American Express:  

Twitter Brand Page for  American Express

Best Buy:

Twitter Brand Page for Best Buy


Twitter Brand Page for Bing


Twitter Brand Page for Chevrolet


Twitter Brand Page for Coca-Cola


Twitter Page for Dell


Twitter Page for Disney

General Electric:

Twitter Page for General Electric


Twitter Page Hewlett-Packard


Twitter Brand Page for Heineken


Twitter Page for Intel


Twitter Brand Page for JetBlue


Twitter Brand Page for Kia


Twitter Brand Page for McDonald's

NYSE Euronext:

Twitter Brand Page for NYSE Euronext

Paramount Pictures:

Twitter Brand Page for Paramount Pictures


Twitter Brand Page for PepsiCo


Twitter Brand Page for Staples


Twitter Brand Page for Subway

Verizon Wireless:

Twitter Brand Page for Verizon Wireless