Facebook Contest: Win A Spot In Pizza Hut’s Super Bowl Ad

Pizza Hut Facebook Contest For Super BowlOn January 1st, Pizza Hut introduced a TV commercial inviting the brand’s social media fans to get involved – and maybe even on TV – for the Super Bowl. The TV spot launched a Facebook contest entitled “Top This!” which encourages fans to create their own rendition of the featured song, upload it as video, and potentially be featured in Pizza Hut’s pre-game Super Bowl ad.

Fans can visit Pizza Hut’s Facebook page to watch the contest video (or see it on YouTube), and then have to ‘like’ the page in order to enter their own submissions, before the contest closes on January 15th.  Six winners will be chosen based on their “creativity and uniqueness,” according to Ben Hsi, manager of digital advertising for Pizza Hut.  The winners will then become part of a montage in a 30-second ad spot before the Super Bowl game, as reported by Mashable.

Fans who submit entries can ask their friends to rate the video, although the ratings won’t determine the final winner.  Chevrolet is also running a crowdsourced ad during the Super Bowl – in this case, winners will be chosen by which video gets the most shares on Facebook and other social media platforms.

With over 5 million Pizza Hut fans on Facebook, the contest already has a wide audience, in addition to the exposure from TV commercials.  How much fan engagement will the contest inspire?