WWE Raw, The X-Factor Are Most Social TV Shows of Fall 2011

WWE Raw: Most Social TV Show on Cable (photo credit: WWE Raw Facebook page)Which regular TV shows (not special-event shows) garnered the most social media buzz from September through December 2011? Advertising Age partnered with social-media monitoring firm Trendrr to look at the social chatter from America’s top TV shows on both broadcast and cable networks.

Shows were measured based on their “share of voice” (SOV), or their share of all the social-TV activity that Trendrr monitors, including tweets, public Facebook updates and check-ins on GetGlue and Miso.

 Top Social TV Shows Fall 2011 via AdAge, Trendrr

Out of cable network shows, “WWE Raw” (World Wrestling Entertainment) placed 1st with 7% SOV, and AMC’s “The Walking Dead” close behind with 5%. “Jersey Shore” (4%), “South Park” and “Project Runway” (3% each) rounded out the top 5 social shows on cable.

Social darling “The X Factor” topped the list of social broadcast TV shows will 11% SOV, followed by “Glee” at 7% and CBS’ “The Big Bang Theory” at 5%.  Fox landed another show in the top 5 with “Family Guy” (4%), and “The Vampire Diaries” came in fifth with 3% SOV.

Part of the social success of shows like “The X Factor” and “WWE Raw” can be attributed to the number of “hooks” in each show, according to Advertising Age, which give fans plenty of material (“triumphs, let-downs, drama”) to react to via social media. The celebrity judges and contestants on each show also often have their own sizable followings on social media.

Advertising Age also notes that “nobody in the TV business expects social buzz to have a strictly linear relationship to ratings.” Check out our post “Nielsen Ratings and Social Buzz: Is There A Formula For Fall TV Premieres?” to read more about the relationship between social media buzz and Nielsen ratings.

Social TV has expanded rapidly in the last few months – what will happen as popular shows that air earlier in the year make their debut in 2012?  Reuters even mentioned that “various TV manufacturers expected to showcase built-in Facebook integration” at this year’s CES. Do you agree that social TV here to stay?