Audi Offers Discounts For Foursquare Check-ins To Ski Resorts

Audi Foursquare badgeAudi is running a new promotion on Foursquare, where fans can check into ski resorts to unlock the new ‘Audi Winter Ride’ badge and gain 20% off “anything in the Audi collection.”  The campaign is designed to promote Audi’s presence on Foursquare and engage potential Audi consumers in the right market.

The badge was created with the support of the US Ski Team, which Audi has sponsored since 2007, according to Econsultancy.  Top skiers will continue contributing Foursquare tips on the best ski resorts in the US to keep followers engaged and looking for more, like this one from US Ski Team’s Abby Ghent: “My own personal favorite run at Vail is Red Square, but the most challenging here has to be Mudslide. Can you handle it?”

Anyone following Audi on Foursquare can check-in to ski resorts this winter to unlock the badge and receive discounts.

Other social media campaigns by Audi have included a recent Twitter contest – which gave luxury prizes to winners and donated $25,000 to charity – and an interactive billboard in Times Square that incorporated tweets and Foursquare check-ins.

“This campaign is niche but perfectly aimed at the type of customer Audi wants to reach,” Econsultancy asserts.”If you can afford to ski all over America this winter, you can probably afford an Audi.”