Social Media Stats: Avg. Facebook User Worth Up To $118, #RLTM Scoreboard

The #RLTM Scoreboard:  Social Networking Stats for the Week

Facebook: over 845 million users via Facebook
Twitter: over 200 million users via AllTwitter
Renren: over 170 million users via iResearch iUser Tracker
Qzone: 500 million active users via China Internet Watch
Sina Weibo: over 250 million users via Forbes
LinkedIn: 135 million members via LinkedIn
Groupon: 115 million subscribers via Reuters
Google Plus: over 90 million users via Larry Page
Tumblr: 42 million blogs via Tumblr
Posterous: 3.9 million members via SF Gate
Pinterest 7.5 million monthly uniques via TechCrunch
Foursquare: 15 million users via Mashable
Instagram 15 million users via The Next Web

Please email if you have additional updates, or a social network that you feel should be on the list.

Facebook’s IPO Estimates Put Market Value of Average User at $89 to $118

According to Facebook’s SEC filings this week, the site now has over 845 million active monthly users.  Analysts are estimating that the company’s IPO could value the social network at between $75 and $100 billion.  At the high end, that means the market would place the value of the content and other interactions produced by the average Facebook user at $118.

The filing included a Letter to Investors from Mark Zuckerberg’s, in which he positioned the company in light of the social value it was creating.   Among other changes, Zuckerberg believes that Facebook will change the way consumers interact with brands:  “We hope to improve how people connect to businesses and the economy.  We think a more open and connected world will help create a stronger economy with more authentic businesses that build better products and services.”

Some other links and noteworthy facts related to the company’s filings:
  • Facebook Inc. filed for an initial public offering Wednesday that could value the social network between $75 billion and $100 billion, putting the company on track for one of the biggest U.S. stock-market debuts of all time. (
  • Facebook’s astonishing rise is a metaphor for the emergence of the Internet as a tool for individual self-expression and collective organization. (Time)
  • Facebook’s future growth is being driven by user behavior that it has so far failed to monetize: mobile. (GigaOm)
  • Facebook’s Platform paid out $1.4 billion to developers in 2011 (Inside Facebook)
  • “In the event that Mr. Zuckerberg controls our company at the time of his death, control may be transferred to a person or entity that he designates as his successor” (New York Post)
  • How the average investor can get in on the action… (Reuters)
  • … and here’s why you shouldn’t bother:  Facebook’s IPO: Do Not Buy (CNet)

In other news, Paul Allen estimates that Google Plus has passed 100 million users this week