P.F. Chang’s Twitter Advertising Results: 70% Engage Via Mobile Devices

Restaurant chain P.F. Chang’s spent $25,000 to advertise a Lunar New Year promotion this winter, and the results from mobile Twitter users were “staggering,” Jason Miller, digital content and community manager for P.F. Chang’s told The Wall Street Journal.

The brand displayed sponsored tweets promoting dining rewards to Twitter users searching for terms such as “Chinese New Year,” on their mobile phones or their personal computers.  In the first four days of the campaign, approximately 1 million people clicked through or engaged with the posts via retweet or reply; of those, roughly 70% did so from mobile devices.

As a result, P.F. Chang’s switched its entire ad spend to focus on Twitter mobile advertising, with results that the brand describes as “staggering.”  After some additional experimentation, Miller speculates that Twitter advertising works well for time-sensitive promotions, rather than broader awareness-building efforts.

It’s ease-of-use for mobile users has always been one of Twitter’s key strengths over other social networks.  Twitter introduced its mobile advertising products in February of this year.  By June, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo told an Economist conference audience that the company was making more money from mobile advertising than from ads displayed on desktop computers.  “(Twitter ads are) inherently suited to mobile because Tweets are suited for mobile. Even though we launched first on the web and only started to run on mobile a few months ago. It’s already been the case a couple weeks ago that mobile ad revenue in a day was greater than non mobile. Mobile revenue is already doing delightfully well,” he said.  Costolo also pointed out that mobile Twitter users are more active and engaged.

P.F. Chang’s has been using Twitter for quite a while, delighting customers by responding to Tweets from across the coast, and sponsoring Twitter parties, among other things.  The chain’s Twitter account currently has just under 45,000 followers.

Have you ever clicked on a Twitter mobile ad?