Facebook Contest: Truvia Asks Fans To Drive Business Development

Truvia Social Media Campaign, ContestTruvia – a sugar alternative – is seeing solid results from a social media campaign asking fans to help direct the company’s expansion efforts.  The campaign, entitled “Turning the Town Truvia,” asks the brand’s Facebook fans where they’d like to see Truvia, reports ClickZ.  The incentive? Participating fans are entered for chance to win $5,000 for each nomination.

The campaign – which began October 1st and will continue through December 23rd – has already delivered in terms of Facebook engagement and new markets:

  • Facebook fans grew by 25%, to just under 105,000
  • the company gained 35,000 leads
  • consumer nominations were received in five geo-targeted cities: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, New York and Seattle
  • Truvia products have already been adopted by these locations as a result of the campaign: Hilton Atlanta, Hilton Boston Logan Airport, Biaggi’s in Chicago and the Fireman Hospitality Group (which includes Bond 45, Café Fiorello, Redeye Grill, Brooklyn Diner and Trattoria Dell’Arte)

In addition to the chance to win $5,000 for each nomination, participants also receive coupons for $1 off Truvia products.

The company is putting customer feedback to work: once a particular location receives multiple nominations, Truvia assembles a ‘welcome kit, ‘ which includes a welcome letter to the Turning the Town Truvia program, a Truvia mug, an 80-count box of Truvia natural sweetener and a package of the Truvia Behind the Bar product.

In addition to the contest on Facebook, the campaign is being promoted via print, broadcast, online and social media spots in coordination with CBS Network.

The simplicity of the concept is great: give fans an incentive to engage, and give eateries proof that consumers want to see Truvia in their locations.  Mark Brooks, global consumer products director for Truvia, told ClickZ that “the goal is to incentivize potential customers to understand how Truvia fits their own brands and why they should bring in the product.”