Top Social Media Stats of 2012

What social media stats got the most attention in the last year?  According to our traffic-counting elves, here are the top social media statistics we published in the last year:

  1. Twitter Hits 500 Million Registered UsersTwitter Hits 500 Million Registered Users (Feb 24): Approximately 12.3 new accounts are being registered per second, according to Twopcharts. However, that leaves two big questions: how many of these accounts are active, and how many are fake accounts?

  2. Avg. Facebook User Worth Up To $118 (Feb 3): According to Facebook’s SEC filings, the site now has over 845 million active monthly users.  Analysts are estimating that the company’s IPO could value the social network at between $75 and $100 billion.  At the high end, that means the market would place the value of the content and other interactions produced by the average Facebook user at $118.  UPDATE: At Facebook’s current valuation of $57.4 billion, the average user is now worth $57.40.
  3. Tumblr Reaches 15 Billion Monthly PageviewsTumblr Reaches 15 Billion Monthly Pageviews (Jan 27): Tumblr CEO David Karp revealed that Tumblr has reached 15 billion impressions monthly and an audience of 120 million people.  The average Tumblr user spends 30 min or more on the site per day, and the majority of traffic (55-60%) comes from international users. UPDATE: By Nov 2012, Tumblr reached 20 billion pageviews per month.
  4. Social Networks Grow 23% Worldwide; India Sees Fastest Growth (March 7): eMarketer predicts there will be nearly 1.5 billion internet users by the end of 2012. India is projected to have the highest social networking growth, at 51.7%; the worldwide growth rate will drop from 23% but stay in the double digits for the next few years.
  5. Instagram Reaches 80 Million UsersInstagram Reaches 80 Million Users (Aug 3): Instagram announced over 80 million registered users, who shared nearly 4 billion photos.  Following the app’s acquisition by Facebook, Instagram welcomed 30 million new users in just under three months. UPDATE: Instagram now has over 100 million users.

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