Traackr Adds Realtime Monitoring To Its Contextual Influencer Marketing Platform

Traackr logoTraackr, a contextual influence measurement tool that identifies and scores influencers around specific keyword searches, has announced that its platform now includes realtime monitoring of influencer content. The tool now searches for influencers instantly, allowing users to build lists of influencers more quickly,  and includes the ability to engage with those influencers on Twitter from within the platform, in realtime. The update also has a new interface designed to support a breadth of influencer marketing activities, and additional data filtering capabilities.

Brands and their agencies use Traackr to identify influencers around specific topics or specific locations.  Conduct a search for a keyword or a mix of keywords, and Traackr generates an “A-List” of the top influencers for that topic.

The influencers are ranked and scored based on three metrics:

  • Reach:  a measure of total audience size based on things like blog visitors, Twitter followers, YouTube subscribers, etc.
  • Resonance:  a measure of how much activity someone creates when he or she publishes content.  This includes things like Twitter re-tweets, linkbacks, comments, etc.
  • Relevance:  a measure of how relevant someone is to a topic, which is a factor of how often someone uses the keywords that drove the search; the timing of the keyword usage (more recent posts are weighted more heavily); the diversity of the keywords used by an influencer; and the placement of keywords (title vs. body).

There are no global scores for a given influencer—the scores are provided only in the context of a specific search.  The platform doesn’t publish a single influencer score “because it’s useless on its own,” according to Traackr CEO Pierre-Loic Assayag.

When I tested the platform a year ago for our Guide to Influence Measurement Tools, I found it to be useful, with well-designed reports–but relatively slow. I haven’t had an opportunity to test the new platform, but hopefully, this new update and the addition of the realtime content monitoring and engagement features will address that concern.

Annual enterprise plans start at $1,795 per month.

Screenshot: Traackr builds “A-Lists” of influencers based on contextual searches

Traackr builds A-Lists of influencers based on contextual searches

Screenshot: Traackr scores influencers based on their reach, resonance and relevance

Traackr scores influencers based on their reach, relevance and resonance

Screenshot: Traackr reports includes Share of Voice reports for different keywords

Traackr reports includes Share of Voice reports for different keywords