6 Tips for Realtime Marketing From A #SXSW Pop-Up Panel

6 Tips For Realtime Marketing From A #SXSW Pop-Up Panel

On Sunday, Expion, a social media management company, hosted a pop-up panel titled The Power of Microcontent and Marketing in the Moment. The panel offered a behind-the-scenes look at Oreo’s realtime marketing success, in addition to an entertaining and fiery debate.

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Panel Moderator: David Teicher, Associate Editor at AdAge
– Mondelez International – Bonin Bough, VP Global Media and Consumer Engagement
– Oreo (a Mondelez International brand) – Steve Doan, Senior Associate Brand Manager
– Expion – Albert Chou, Chief Innovation Officer
– 360i – David Berkowitz, VP, Emerging Media
– VaynerMedia – Gary Vaynerchuk, Co-founder
Tip #1: Get the right tools. (And the right cookie wine pairing!)
Deets on @Expion’s #SXSW Kick-off Party and #SXSWrtm Pop-Up Panel w/ @Oreo @garyvee @dberkowitz + more: http://expi.co/0YaYZena Weist
Flow—> Integrate —> Find —> Influence —> Relevancy —> Alert —> Frame —> Engage. The steps of real-time marketing at #sxswrtmNick Vivion
It is unreasonable to have your team read every tweet all the time. Your monitoring system has to find relevant bits and alert you. #sxswRTMJessica Best
@garyvee says a Chenin from Loire Valley well compliments @Oreo #sxswrtm #bonappetitLaura Bellinger
Tip #2: Brands need a newsroom, humor — and they need to be human.
.@garyvee says its not actually about being a newsroom. It’s about brands providing value, acting like humans and bringing humor. #sxswrtmSabrina Caluori
New buzzword alert! "Newsroom Marketing" the consolidation of social, content, brand to make owned media as valuable as earned. #sxswrtmJohn Johansen
Tip #3: You need to look at the entire media ecosystem to understand the real value of realtime marketing.
the real change: not just about the tweet, but how did the tweet augment the ad spend. must measure overall eco-system @boughb #sxswrtmTonia Ries
How does the tweet augment the TV ad? How does the ad augment the TV ad? #SXSW #sxswbromley #sxswRTMMary D. Padilla
Everyone singles out the @Oreo tweet, but it’s ab how all of the communications work together #sxswRTM #integratedcampaigns #sxswKT Wall
The things that social is being asked to justify in ROI no other media is. Ludicrous 2 expect one billboard or one ad to ROI. #SXSWrtm #sxswCharo HenriquezScaia
The panel for #sxswRTM is interesting to watch… BIG personalities on ONE stage. http://pic.twitter.com/WckB90WOJ5Leyla Arsan
Tip #4: Strategy and preparation are key.
@oreo was nimble and fast enough to react to the black out but their strategy was to tweet about the 1/2 time show #superbowl #sxswrtmLucy Kemmitz
#Oreo had always focused on moms, but #socialmedia allowed them to engage #millennials. #SXSW #sxswbromley #sxswRTMMary D. Padilla
.@garyvee, @boughb, and @Aerocles with Oreo, Expion, and 360i talking real-time at #sxswrtm http://pic.twitter.com/mvtaL64WBxAlly Burton
It’s not just what you are doing for the Super Bowl. It’s what you’re doing every day. "It’s religion" – @garyvee #sxswrtm #sxswrtmTonia Ries
What are the cultural moments that are going to happen, and how do you prepare to participate in that conversation? #sxswrtmS. Schierholz
#Oreo #SuperBowl success was Culmination of 100 days of #DailyTwist campaign: https://therealtimereport.com/2012/09/27/oreos-dailytwist-campaign-serves-up-realtime-creative/ #SXSWrtm via @tonia_riesRobin Hassan
Have to agree with @garyvee, being prepared for RTM at Christmas is 101, being ready everyday is 201 (or higher). #sxswrtmJohn Johansen
How to kill it w/ real time marketing: 1) is it on brand? 2) is the message simple? 3) are you set up? Speed is the key. #sxswrtm @oreoLucy Kemmitz
You have to remember to stay on brand and keep it simple – if it’s not relevant to your brand, it won’t work #sxswRTM #RTM #sxswKT Wall
Tip #5: The right content — in the right context, and on the right platform. 
Not just brands acting like humans, BEING human! @sabrinacaluori @garyvee #sxswrtmRobyn Lewis
Need to talk about native aspects of each platform. Context for each is different. @garyvee #sxswrtmTonia Ries
Throwaway content is valuable as a success baseline. Test content, find right approach & use your community to amplify- @garyvee #sxswrtmAmanda Altschuler
Let’s talk about real-time marketing in venues other than Twitter. Who’s doing it smart? #sxswRTMDebra Aho Williamson
you have to get organization to build muscle memory so they are ready for the big realtime moments when they happen – @boughb #sxswrtmTonia Ries
Social platforms are different. You have to understand the context of why users are consuming content there. Via @garyvee #sxswrtmJohn Johansen
A pic works differently on @Pinterest vs. @twitter – keep in mind the context of why ppl are on that platform when creating content #sxswRTMKT Wall
We’re always focused on who won. But brands are moving the needle every day. It’s not just the big win. – @garyvee #sxswrtmTonia Ries
Tip #6: Align your metrics with your business goals.
How do you raise that overall engagement number? That’s the important metric. Listening tools (@Expion cited as example) #SXSWrtm #sxswCharo HenriquezScaia
Michelin figured out how to use content to drive tire sales 100 years ago. @garyvee #sxswrtmTonia Ries
“@madamebelle: @garyvee dunking @oreo at #sxswrtm http://vine.co/v/bwpBrUb3Yqa” awesome :)Robin Hassan
Mobile is at forefront of #rltm marketing because it can augment other media & is relevant in realtime. #sxswrtmTonia Ries
.@garyvee got more tweets by doing a q&a w 200 people vs a keynote for 4000. Extra effort engages more. Equity on effort #sxswrtmTonia Ries
Oreo’s Daily Twist [social media activities] have driven 10% of Oreo SALES in the past 12 months @boughb #sxswrtm <- ROI. This worksSimon Kemp