Chirpify’s New #ActionTags: Using Hashtags To #Buy, #Donate, #Subscribe or #Vote

Example of ActionTags
Image via Chirpify

We recently covered Chirpify, a medium for creating online transactions through different social media networks.  Chirpify makes it easy to buy items with a simple comment or reply on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Now, new changes make the app even more versatile.

Last week, Chirpify launched the ability to use hashtags to perform transactions online.

This new feature, called #Actiontags, means that Chirpify users can now buy – with a simple status update on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram – from anywhere. #Actiontags can include #buy, #donate, #subscribe, or #vote.

Chirpify sees #actiontags as the “logical evolution of hashtags” – allowing social media to be the point of conversion for advertising or marketing campaigns. Being able to tweet or post #buy, #enter, or #donate – and having that action take place, in realtime – is almost effortless.

Chirpify #Actiontags
Chirpify’s new #Actiontags

#Actiontags can come from advertising on any channel, including live events, TV shows, social campaigns or other venues; they have to be combined with a #campaigntag in order to allow consumers to purchase.  For example, a business running a campaign for #TrueBlueSocks on TV could display an ad with instructions to post “#Buy #TrueBlueSocks” to purchase. The consumer can then tweet, or post to Facebook or Instagram “#Buy #TrueBlueSocks,” and Chirpify will process the order.

Several large brands are already using Chirpify to run promotions and sell products, including Adidas, Forever 21, Green Day, MasterCard, NPR’s Live Wire and the Portland Trailblazers.

“Hashtags are the new URL,” says Chirpify CEO Chris Teso. Marketing has evolved over the past few years, from placing URLs in ads to promoting a brand’s Twitter or Facebook page – and now to hashtags. In addition, #actiontags can provide valuable social data about a potential customer to brands.

Does this make life even more expensive for impulse buyers? You bet. But from a business perspective, things are looking good.