Cinime Lets Moviegoers Connect Little Screen To Big Screen

The time has come: mobile apps have arrived at the movies.

cinime appCinime, a new “second screen” app developed by Digital Cinema Media and Yummi, serves as a realtime viewer companion for users looking for interactivity in a classically passive medium.

The second screen platform, designed by Yummi, recognizes time, location, image, and even sound; this helps the app decide which content to send to users before the movie, and when to send it.

Before taking a seat, users can scan posters in the lobby and potentially receive rewards based on the frequency of their visits to specific theaters. And then before the film even begins, moviegoers can interact with advertisements and trailers located on the big screen, by way of the small screen on their phone. Users can take part in quizzes as they watch ads, and win prizes depending on how successful they have been in answering movie-related questions (The Independent).

Does that mean it’s now ok to have your phone buzzing and ringing during the film? Thankfully no; once moviegoers have found their seats, the app suggests switching phones to silent but leaving the cinime app open to “respond and interact with the screen” while the ads are playing, using a non-intrusive low-light emitting interface.

[CORRECTION: This article previously stated that the app was also for use during the movie; it is designed only for use before and after the main feature, and all rewards are locked until after the movie is finished. We apologize for the error.]

The app is currently available on both iOS and Android, and is testing in selected Odeon, Cineworld and Vue cinemas in the UK. While the app does work offline, not all content can be accessed, particularly any realtime content that loads up during the course of the film. All campaigns located within the app are pre-downloaded at each app update.

Making use of the time before the film starts is fairly brilliant — how often have you arrived early at a film with nothing to do for 10-15 minutes? Now moviegoers can interact with Cinime and potentially win rewards (more popcorn, anyone?) instead of just checking emails.

Do you think interactive movie theater apps will catch on? Have you tried Cinime yet?