How To Create A Work Environment That’s Rewarding and Productive For Your Employees

How To Create A Work Environment That’s Rewarding and Productive For Your Employees
By Eli Russell

A poorly designed workplace environment can have a potentially profound impact on the mood and productivity of employees, and it can also be harmful to your bottom line. Finding a commercial property to run your business should be a productive exercise when you look at the choices available on sites like But your priority afterwards is to set about creating an office space that is rewarding and productive for employees working there.


Let There Be Light

There is no question that the right choice and level of lighting is fundamental to helping you to create an office space that really works for your employees. If it is possible to achieve with the configuration of the building you are working with, it is preferable to try and create a layout that allows all employees the chance to work in natural light.

This is not always practical or feasible of course, so the priority should be to ensure that if you are using artificial lighting, that it is at a level of quality and comfort that is conducive to a high level of employee productivity. You really cannot expect any employee to perform to the best of their abilities if the lighting they are relying on leads them to suffer from regular headaches, blurred vision and noticeable levels of eye strain.

A well lit office is more than capable of energizing your employees, so it often pays to invest in lighting fixtures that come with adjustable filters so that you can recreate the advantages of natural lighting, even if you don’t have access to the real thing itself.

Somewhere To Wind Down

To get the best performance out of your employees you need to be able to offer them a space which gives them the opportunity to unwind and relax for a few moments away from their desk, as well as being able to enjoy a bit of social interaction with other work colleagues. If you are going to create a workplace environment that works, your plans should ideally involve creating a segregated space where employees can get away from the office vibe for a few moments and recharge their batteries, allowing them to return back with a new lease of energy.

Personal Space

A common trait among model employees is the fact that they often feel like they belong where they are working and consider themselves to be an integral part of the business. One of the ways that you can help employees to develop these feelings and qualities is to encourage them to personalize their own bit of office space. There have to be certain limits or course, but giving each employee some leeway in how their workspace is structured and allowing them the freedom to customize their setup will often encourage employees to feel more comfortable and part of the business which is normally a positive set of attributes when it comes to productivity levels.

Freedom of Mobility

Another option to consider if it is practical for your type of business is to try and create an office environment that encourages and allows employees to move around the office rather than being pinned to one specific space. Some employers believe that giving their employees a high degree of freedom of mobility and trusting them to get their job done, regardless of whether they are at their desk or while having a coffee in the relaxation area often leads to better levels of thinking and productivity.

A Spirit of Collaboration

You can always tell when you walk into a business where all the staff seem to be working in harmony rather than as individuals. If you can create a workspace and a culture that fosters and encourages a spirit of collaboration it can only have a positive impact on the fortunes of your business and morale. One of the biggest conundrums when designing your office space is whether to opt for an open space layout, individual workstations, or offices that create a degree of separation. Regardless of what sort of design format you decide to adopt, make sure that you provide some spaces that encourage a team building ethic and fosters a spirit of camaraderie.

Encouraging employees to feel like they are invested in their work and their colleagues in almost equal measure is definitely one way to create a productive workplace environment.

Eli Russell has worked as the Chief Marketer and Leasing Agent for JGM Properties for over ten years. In that time he’s placed nearly 500 business tenants in a new office, retail, commercial, industrial, or warehouse space rental.




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