5 Elements Customers Want In A Business

5 Elements Customers Want In A Business

You can’t assume that just because you have a good product, people will flock to you and buy it. You have to earn the trust of your customer and prove yourself. Believe it or not, consumers are opinionated and care about the value they’re getting from a company. If they do not think your product is worth it, then they will not purchase your product or hire your services. Review below five elements customers want in a business and how to make them happy:

1) Proof of Purchase

Customers want to know what they paid for and how much money they spent with you. Make sure they get a receipt, whether online or in the store. Even if you’re on the go, get carbonless forms at PrintIt4Less and share the bill and proof of purchase with them. Don’t mess around with people’s money. They want to know when and what they spent their money on. Receipts are also important in case they need to return an item or have issues with the service.

2) Speed

Customers want to be helped immediately. They don’t want to wait in line. You need to be staffed both in the store, on the phone and on social media. They want to know that you have a sense of urgency and believe their question is just as important as they do. If you’re not able to help right away, they want to be acknowledged and told how long they’ll have to wait. It’s all about how fast you can help them.

3) Human Factor

Customers want to be treated like a person, not a number. They also want to know that you’re not an automated machine, but a real person who cares about the customer. Customers want to hear and see real emotion and concern from businesses. They want to know that as a business you understand how the product fits into their daily life. They’re looking for a human to human interaction that feels real.

4) Honesty

Customers are in search of truthfulness. They don’t want to be lied to and will call you out if you do. Businesses need to portray honesty in every situation and not lie to their customers. They should tell the truth and go out of their way to make it better. There shouldn’t be any surprises. If you’re not honest, you’ll quickly lose credibility and integrity. No one wants to do business with a liar. Customers feel if you’re lying about one thing, you’re probably lying about many things, including their money. It’s better to come forward when there’s an issue than to hide and pretend as if nothing happened.

5) Consistency

Customers want to know that when they enter your business or buy your product, that it’s going to be the same each time. They don’t want constant surprises and changes to their favorite items. They expect a consistency related to your brand and product. If you start changing too much, too often, you’ll turn them off, and they’ll go elsewhere.


Businesses should be worried about their operation, but also be focused on the customer. There are qualities that need to be upheld and honored so expectations are met. These are elements customers want in a business and standards they expect to be met.