4 Ways To Trick Your Opponent

4 Ways To Trick Your Opponent

The mention of skill based card games invariably reminds you of rummy. It is a game with simple rummy rules that requires your mental skills like good memory, great concentration and logical reasoning in order to excel in the games. Also, you need to be at shrewd to trick your opponents too. If your opponents fall prey to your shrewdness, then it’s apparent that you’ll be inching closer to the win forcing them to drop from the game. However, you’ll need to master the art of tricking your opponents by implementing them on practice tables.

Let’s dive in to know more.

how to trick your opponent

The Discarding Trick

This trick will come in handy to learn how to play rummy when you’re in need of just one card to finish your meld. If you’re dealt a good hand then you could try this technique to finish your meld quickly. As one of the simple rummy tips, if you’re working with 4, 6 and 7 of Clubs to form a sequence, it is possible that your opponent is holding the 5 of Clubs. In such situations, you may discard either the 4 or 7 of Clubs. This will give your opponent the impression that you’re not using them to form a sequence and might see no harm in discarding the 5 of Clubs available with them. Just go for the grabs and finish your meld quickly and declare your game.

The Discards Section Trick

The rummy rules direct you to discard the cards to The Discards Section. This feature of online rummy will help you learn how to play rummy by watching the cards discarded by you and your opponent. This will give you a fair understanding of their melding activities, helping you to plan your next moves. Here, you could perhaps discard those cards which your opponent may not need. By this manner, you are not only making your opponent wait for their favourable cards, but restrict them from declaring too early.

The Duplicate Card Trick

This is one of the easy rummy tips to trick your opponent. Every time you discard a card to the Discard Section, you would be leaving a hint to your opponent about your melds. In such situations, you could use the duplicate card to your advantage. If you have two cards of the same rank, while you have used one for forming a sequence, you could discard the duplicate and trick your opponent to believe you do not need that card. There is every possibility of your opponent getting tricked and discard a card in your favour.

The Bait Trick

This trick along with the rummy rules will help you to confuse your opponent and make them discard a card of your choice. Say for example, if you’re working on a set with Queens and have the Queen of Hearts, Spades, and Clubs, and you need the Queen of Diamonds, then you may discard your Jack of Spades, confusing your opponent to discard the Queen of Diamonds. This strategy will certainly take time before you master it.