4 Innovative Ways to Create Greener Communities and Businesses

4 Innovative Ways to Create Greener Communities and Businesses

There is more to tech innovation than the latest smartphones and computers. Nowadays, we can utilize innovative technologies and schemes to improve communities and protect our environment.As public spaces belong to everyone, local organizations need to think about the different ways they safeguard our planet while helping to save taxpayers’ money. Take a look at the following five innovative ways you can create greener communities and businesses.

Swap to Solar LED Street Lighting

Poor street lighting, such as metal halide lights, will consume a considerable amount of energy, and may even create an unsafe environment for the public. While brighter lighting can actually help local businesses flourish, as illuminated roads will encourage residents to linger in an area a little later than normal, which can increase their earnings. Smart LED street light systems could be the ideal solution, as you can customize the beam angle while improving energy efficiency and improving traffic safety. It’s the ideal solution for streets, business parks, parking lots, and more.

Invest in Electric or Hydrogen Buses

Public transport is responsible for a considerable amount of the world’s air pollution, such as particulates and nitrous oxides. Unfortunately, as it is burning its way through the world’s petroleum, it is becoming a large global warming contributor. Yet it is an essential for people making the commute to work each day, and the vehicles produce fewer carbon emissions than passengers opting to drive their cars.It is, however, possible to reduce the impact buses are having on the planet. For instance, investing in electric or hydrogen buses can create cleaner air for communities. In addition to encouraging other cities to follow suit, the tactic could also warn other bus manufacturers to invest in the creation of clean bus technology.

Introduce a Diesel Vehicle Scrappage Scheme

Unfortunately, diesel fuel, which is made from refined crude oil, reportedly produces more harmful emissions when burned. As a result, diesel vehicles have been deemed a major source of harmful pollutants, such a particulate matter and ground-level ozone. While you cannot force the public to purchase more eco-friendly vehicles, local councils and businesses could introduce a diesel vehicle scrappage scheme across the community. A community might then be tempted to say goodbye to their toxic diesel car in favor of a modern, eco-friendly vehicle.

Make Essential Bio-Fuels from Household Waste

Communities and businesses would be wise to follow in the footsteps of Stockholm, Sweden, which is surprisingly using household waste to power vehicles of all makes, models and sizes. That is because the sewage can be turned into bio-fuels, which motorists can fuel their car with at a gas station. The city is also planning to introduce a system that allows people to use their waste to heat their homes and businesses. With oil prices rising each year, most European cities are planning to follow in Stockholm’s footsteps by 2040. Doing so could ultimately be an innovative, eco-friendly initiative to introduce into your community.