Everything to Know When Hiring Security

Everything to Know When Hiring Security 

In most countries, including the United States, private security guards outnumber police officers. It’s obvious these are important personnel for a variety of individuals and companies. Hiring one who isn’t up to par could have drastic and horrifying results.

No matter your reason for hiring a security guard, keep these points in mind when selecting who will be tasked with the job.

Hiring with a Clear Objective in Mind

Nearly $50 billion is lost each year to theft from businesses in the United States. A significant portion of that is due to shoplifting, while a smaller amount can be attributed to employee-related theft.

When you begin searching for a security company or guard, start with a clear reason why you’re bringing them on. Reasons may include:

  • Controlling retail theft
  • Increasing safety in a high crime location
  • Acting on potential liability issues
  • Monitoring a space where alcohol is served

Having a clear understanding of a security team’s purpose will help you find the best match for you. It will also help a security company tailor their service to your needs.

Ask the Right Questions, Avoid Surprises Later

To find the best fit you need to ask the right questions. When inquiring with security companies ask the following questions:

  • How do you monitor your guards?
  • Are your guards armed or unarmed? Is there an option?
  • Are you locally owned or a national company?
  • What are the uniform options for guards?

Take careful note of their responsiveness to you. You are the client with individual needs and your security company should do their best to design a service that best suits those needs.

Also, pay attention to their level of customer service. This is a company you’ll be in contact with regularly, you don’t want to start off with a sour vendor relationship.

Consider Licensing and Training Guards Have

You don’t want just anyone in a guard uniform ‘protecting’ you business. You want someone with solid experience, exceptional training, and a license to prove their capabilities.

Make sure that the company you decide to work with can provide you a proof of insurance, a license, and information on training provided to guards.

Guards should be trained at least to state standards, but it’s preferred their training far exceeds that. Additional training may include weapons technology, public interaction, or risk assessment.

What Not to Do When Hiring a Security Guard

Not all security guards or companies who supply guards are created equal. When narrowing down your search, avoid doing the following:

  • Not checking for licensure by the Department of Public Safety
  • Ignoring bad reviews or poor reputation
  • Cutting costs with an unarmed guard if your situation requires an armed one
  • Deciding on a company that doesn’t listen to your needs

Your best bet for securing a security guard you can trust is to use a reputable security company with five-star reviews.

Hire Security You Can Trust

Hiring a security guard is a delicate matter. You’re entrusting a person you may not have met to monitor your property or protect your guests or tenants. Trust your instincts when making a final decision. Your new guard should make you feel secure and at ease – that’s part of their job after all.

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