The Future of Digital Marketing: Top Tips for a Successful Strategy

The Future of Digital Marketing:
Top Tips for a Successful Strategy

Did you know that the first online advertisement debuted in October of 1994? The ad was simply a banner ad for AT&T, but it would lead to the development of one of the most effective methods of advertising.

Digital marketing is an ever-changing field, and you have to be constantly searching for new trends to make it work to your advantage.

2020 has brought a flurry of new advancements and methods to the digital marketing game, from new social media features to audience growth strategies.

To learn more, check out five trends that will affect the future of digital marketing in 2020 below!

Collaboration with Influencers

Audiences, especially younger ones, will listen to big names in the media. That means that partnering with influencers and big personalities is an essential digital marketing strategy. Influencers have massive followings, and chances are, their audience differs somewhat from yours.

By collaborating with an influencer, you’re opening your services up to a whole new demographic rather than your established clients. Even smaller influencers can have a large impact because having a smaller following makes their relationship with their audience more intimate and personal.

RTB: The Future of Digital Marketing

Anyone can buy ad space so now it’s more about buying the best ad space based on website viewership. The placement of ad space has become a commodity. They have created auctions to compete for these coveted ad spaces.

If you’re wondering about the RTB meaning, it stands for real-time bidding. During real-time bids, advertisers bid in a digital auction run by publishers on ad space based on cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM). The winner’s advertisement is uploaded onto the ad space almost instantly.

Stories and Lives

Social media is the backbone of many digital marketing campaigns. Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter all give businesses an effective way to connect with their audiences.

The story functions on Instagram and Snapchat give businesses the opportunity to connect with their followers on a more personal level. They can use stories to show their followers that there are real people behind their work and help in building a trusting relationship between the business and their clients.

Lives on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are also an effective marketing tool. They are the perfect way to drop announcements and answer questions about it in real-time.

Consistency: The Foundation of Marketing Campaigns

The importance of consistency in digital marketing campaigns grows more and more every year. When you’re mapping out a marketing campaign, it’s critical that your message and design remain the same across the board. Being true to your bran is the future of digital marketing.

Posting on two different social media platforms with different concepts will make your campaign less effective. If customers can connect your posts and find the common message through text posts and videos, your campaign will be much more impressionable.

Live Chat

Having a live chat feature to communicate with your clients is essential in 2020. Client engagement has never been more important, and customers want to know that they can connect with a business in a personal way.

Research has found that 63% of people who’ve used a live chatting service through a business’s website have returned to the site. With a return rate of nearly 2/3, it’s foolish to deny the power that live chat. While AI bots and support emails are still helpful, live chat services can be useful to answer complex questions and concerns promptly.

Using Digital Marketing

The future of digital marketing can change overnight, so marketers have to stay on their toes. The trends above will dominate 2020 marketing campaigns and build audience engagement, no matter what field or industry you’re marketing for.