3 Tips to Help You Optimize Your Digital Marketing Efforts in 2020

3 Tips to Help You Optimize Your Digital Marketing Efforts in 2020

The internet has improved our lives in countless ways. Whether you love the convenience of shopping online, the freedom to travel independently without having to learn to navigate a paper map, or being able to connect with friends and family, you can probably think of one or two ways the internet has made life easier or more enjoyable for you. Another major impact the digital age has had on our lives is how we’re marketed products and how businesses run marketing campaigns.

If you’re a business owner or marketer in 2020, you’re probably overwhelmed with the number of options and resources you have to reach your customers. But the cool thing is, these resources have all become more and more user-friendly over the years which means you can complete many of your marketing efforts all on your own.

In this post, we’ll go over 3 tips to help you optimize your marketing efforts and show you how to use some of the most valuable digital marketing tools out there.

Remember, Content Is King

If you’ve done any amount of research on modern marketing practices, you’ve probably read or heard the phrase: “content is king.” And it’s true. Whether you’re a lifestyle brand, a service provider, or a non-profit, you’ll want to bolster your website and overall digital presence with content.

“Content” could mean a variety of things depending on your business structure, goal, and resources. If you’re selling products via eCommerce, you’ll likely want to focus on product descriptions and content that will help users understand and ultimately, visualize how to use your product and why they need it.

If you’re running a service like a moving company, you may want to focus on SEO blog content to draw in traffic from prospective customers. If your customers are asking you for moving tips, you might consider writing a blog with tips using your expert experience and keywords to boost your organic rankings on Google. Any questions your customers have is a good place to start when writing content. When writing your piece, use a keyword tool to help you find relevant words and phrases that could improve the performance of your work.

In addition to optimizing your content for rankings, you also want to make sure that it’s useful and engaging. One thing we can learn from successful pay per click management services is that copy doesn’t have to be long or overly formal to attract customers. Just a few lines on an online ad could convert a customer, so make sure you’re thoughtful when creating content, no matter what the medium or audience is.

Your Social Media Is Only as Relevant as You Make It

Here’s some harsh advice: don’t have a social media page if you don’t use it. Social media marketing can be as useful or useless as you make it. Our take? If you’re not running ads, you have nothing to lose except a small chunk of time because marketing on social media platforms is totally free. If you have trouble managing your accounts or keeping it updated, you might think about using a social media management platform to schedule posts ahead of time.

Here’s another harsh reality. Social media sites are saturated with seamless branding, cool influencers, and ad content that doesn’t even look or feel like an ad, but more of an experience. To keep up with the ultra-cool landscape your brand needs to be “on-point” as the kids say. If you have the budget for it, a branding agency could help you develop logos and social media templates to make sure that your online presence always looks cohesive and appealing.

Strategy Should Start with Results

One surefire way to improve your marketing in 2020: don’t dive in without a strategy. Too many businesses and even professional marketers launch campaigns without even thinking about data. Which is crazy because we now have more tools than ever to help us track data and monitor trends to develop more effective campaigns.

Before launching any new campaigns or allocating any amount of your budget, you might want to invest in an analytics tool that can help you see what’s working and what’s not before you waste any more of your precious marketing dollars.