Design 101: Choosing the Right Logo and Typography 

Design 101: Choosing the Right Logo and Typography 

When it comes to branding, design is key. That’s true for every aspect of your business, from your logo, to your website, and even your official font.

That’s right. The typography you use when you write your words for brand purposes is every bit as much a part of the design as any other visual aspect of your brand. Just by seeing it, potential and returning customers can instantly recognize your company and make even be more inclined to purchase your goods or services.

That being said, it can be a bit of a challenge to find which typography logo design works best for your company. You want something that can showcase your individuality and help you to stand out from the rest of the pack, but finding the right isn’t something that you can do at the snap of your fingers.

Luckily, there’s a way around that. This article will go in-depth with how to find the right typography logo for your business that will have your company looking professional, sophisticated, and more than worthy of your customers’ time. Keep reading to find out more.

Finding the Right Typography Logo Design: Know Your Brand

Knowing your brand is about more than just checking off what you have in your inventory; you need to truly know what your company is about. If you can’t identify what your brand is, then your logo and typography can never truly express the message you mean to portray.

What drove you to create this company? What do you hope to solve? How do you really feel you can benefit the community with what you have to offer? Answering these questions can help you to build your brand, and by extent, your typography.

Learn Your Audience

Everything that is sold is intended for a specific demographic of people. It’s very rare for a product to be made for all people of all conditions across the board, so you’ll need to research who you plan to advertise and sell to.

Factors such as age, race, religion, and income are just a few things that can determine the audience you plan on selling to and will help you determine the typography you should use for such an audience.

Remember Your Fonts

There are hundreds of basic fonts to choose from, and those are just the fonts used by the general public. You’ll want to browse through these to get a feel for what you want to use with your logo.

These basic fonts are perfect for experimenting with design and finding out what you wish to see from your typography. After checking out the fonts, you can best decide which one would work best as a template for your company’s customized font.

Still think you need a little help getting the perfect typography? You can use a logo creator to help you out. With it, you’ll be able to go through a wide array of text choices so you can find the best one that fits your brand and gives you a new level of identity!

Stay in the Know

You know what it takes to create an impressive typography logo design that will wow your business team and draw in potential customers. Now you need to learn what else you can do as a business to make sure you keep leveling up and getting ahead of the competition.

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