Which 9 Businesses Are Thriving During The Pandemic?

Which 9 Businesses Are Thriving
During The Pandemic?

SARS-COV-2 has changed up a lot of people’s lives starting in early 2020.

These abrupt disruptions in schedules, priorities, work, and entertainment options haven’t just changed lifestyles, it has adjusted spending habits.

Unfortunately, quite a few businesses have struggled during this strange time, but for certain niche companies, they are seeing surging demand.

Read on to find out which 9 businesses have peaked consumers interest and lined up with revamped spending habits during COVID-19.

Cleaning Companies

Staying safe during the current pandemic is all about cleanliness and avoiding a virus that can’t be seen.

This has meant huge increases in purchases related to home cleaning supplies for those staying at home more, plus businesses hiring out professional cleaners for the deep-cleaning of work environments itching to get back to normal.

Food Delivery Services

Dining out inside a restaurant right now is controversial at best, and, for some places, still not allowed.

This has led to Americans doubling down on food delivery services, take out, or shipped meal prep kits in order to eat delicious food without all the effort of having to shop for the ingredients and whip everything up yourself.

And, with everything happening right now, a little comfort food may be just what people need.

Grocery Stores

For those less inclined to go for food delivery on the regular, they are likely spending more money at the grocery store to cook at home more often.

Grocery stores have seen an upward trend of sales, even to the point where it is common to see item limits or popular pantry staples sold out regularly.

Cooking your meals for yourself most of the time can be a great way to expand your culinary skills, while also ensuring that your meals are super healthy, so this is a trend that we can get behind.

Online Pet Retailers

Many people are at home a lot more than usual right now, so adding a furry friend into the mix to spice up your life and dote on your new buddy is trending.

Many shelters have either run out of animals or have at least seen large increases in animal adoptions for the last few months, and there is no doubt that these new puppy or kitty parents want to spoil them a little bit.

Online retailers selling pet food, toys, litter, or general supplies available to be shipped to your front door are doing just fine right now.

Telemedicine Services

For more minor health issues like skin conditions, hair loss, nail infections, or sexual health concerns, many are looking online for their health care.

This helps avoid the hassle and risk of going to a physician’s office and then pharmacy when the condition is easily diagnosable by a quick online visit.

Telemedicine services like Strut Health at StrutYours.com are on the rise right now, and Americans are happy to be able to get those lingering health issues checked out quickly and easily online without having to mask up and venture out.

Streaming Services

Nights out on the town have been sort of out of the question for many for a while, so Americans have turned to nights in watching their favorite shows and movies on services like Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, or Amazon.

These streaming services have seen significant growth since the beginning of the pandemic, and with many offering a subscription for the cost of about 1 movie night a month, this is a fun and inexpensive form of entertainment.

Gaming Companies

Many of the usual entertainment venues are down for the count right now, so children and adults both have taken to at-home entertainment in the form of more video games, board games, and puzzles.

This has meant an increase in sales for businesses involved in video gaming, plus your standard classic card game, board game, or puzzles.

Fitness Supply Businesses

A lot of people have probably had their normal exercise and activity levels switched up, and paired with an increased amount of stocked-up snacks around that could mean they need to adopt an at-home exercise program stat.

This has led to increased sales for businesses selling exercise equipment, virtual training sessions, bikes, and other general fitness equipment.

Home Improvement Stores

When you are home more, potentially with more time on your hands, those little home improvements you have been talking about for years might finally get done — DIY.

This increased need to improve your home (since you are there a whole lot more), paired with people feeling wary about inviting in contractors in order to social distance, has led to an increase in people making handy improvements themselves with the help of home improvement stores.

We’re All In This Together

Right now, there are some businesses that are doing pretty well with the increased surge of people wanting to stay home more.

These businesses including food delivery, online retailers, streaming, and gaming services aid people in making an at-home lifestyle more enjoyable and entertaining while providing a much-needed sense of normalcy.